Coroner Verdict on London bombings

There is no need to go into a lot of detail about the verdict: the 52 victims were unlawfully killed. What I want to emphasize is the ethnic origins of 3 of the murder-suicide bombers. They were of Pakistani origin, although they were British citizens.

For a long time I have been aware that most of the Islamic terrorists in London have been of Pakistani origin. Also, the Times Square bomber was of Pakistani origin. This should have been ringing alarm bells a long time ago.

I had been aware that Pakistan had been undergoing further radicalization. There had been an increase in bombings inside of Pakistan, plus most of the scenes of anger that we have witnessed, such as people raging over some cartoons, have been Pakistani.

This should be raising a lot of questions about the religious and secular leadership within Pakistan. Certainly when Bhutto was the President Pakistan was more secular, then when Bhutto was removed from power there was a lurch to Islamization that more or less accelerated. You cannot discount that the Islamists had always been in Pakistan.  However, there also seems to be a tie to the presence of OBL in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I have not done any research into the radicalization of Pakistan but I am going to guess that the surge happened around the time that Russia invaded Afghanistan. Looking at some of the OBL history, he had hooked up with an Egyptian who had been a member of Muslim Brotherhood, and who had joined with the more radical elements of Muslim Brotherhood. This was the group that was responsible for the death of Anwar Sadat. OBL and his group radicalized the Afghan mujahdeen, thus forming the Taliban which was Islamist. (Afghanistan prior to the Russian invasion had been a secular society, and likewise Pakistan had reasonably secular in outlook in the cities).

The radicalization was happening at the imam level. It is inside those mosques where the radicalization begins. People like Choudary preach their hatred of the West, but they are content to milk the West by taking advantage of the welfare state. They do this by having more than one wife, lots of children, and then collecting benefits. The wives set themselves up in their own homes, requiring the state to pay their rent, as well as making other welfare payments. It really is a nice little scam that they have going in the UK.

It might be interesting to watch and see how often a perpetrator of murder-suicide violence is in fact one who has come from Pakistan.


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