He doth protest too much

As you can imagine, things are about to get very ugly in Pakistan. This country is a real mix of individuals. Some that might be considered “moderate” are easily turned because of the preaching of radical imams. There is a very wide acceptance of Islamist ideas in Pakistan. The largest political party is an Islamist one, and its adherents are leading the way with protests against the death of OBL.

However, I have just seen this report that shines a light on the General in charge of the Pakistan military. Basically, he wants the number of US soldiers based in Pakistan to be cut. He is loudly protesting the military action that saw the end (at last) of OBL. I think that the man is protesting too much. His words sound like they are coming from a man who has been caught on the backfoot.

Somebody, or persons, from either the ISI or the Pakistan military had been protecting OBL and his family. The mere fact that the compound was built within a short distance of the military academy raises in my mind a whole lot of questions regarding why OBL was not discovered over the past 6 years. Why did no one query the security measures at the compound? Why was no one curious about the occupants of that house?

Then there are the lies that have been told within the past few days, like “the ISI used the house as a safe house”. How was that possible, when the house was not built until 2005? No, there must be other ISI safe houses in Abbottabad, and someone has been hiding members of AQ in those safe houses.

However, there are other questions that need to be raised about certain bombings of NATO trucks as they were heading to the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Who was tipping off the Pakistan Taliban about the movements of the UN convoy? If this was not the work of OBL and those within the compound, then it leads back to members of both the Pakistan military and the ISI.

This leads me back to questions that should be raised over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Was that done by the political Islamists? Or was it done by members of the ISI or the military? Then there are questions about the deadly attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. One bus driver (a man sympathetic to the Islamist cause) was killed that day, and there were others who also died. The questions that need to be raised concern the way in which the security officials melted into the background, failing to protect the cricket team as their buses headed to the cricket stadium. Was the crime ever solved? Was it the Tamil Tigers? Or was it an action of people associated with AQ and the Pakistani Taliban, as well as by members of the Pakistani police, the ISI and the military? I note however, that the Pakistani police have lost a large number of people due to these attacks, so my feel here is that it is the Pakistani Taliban and ISI sympathizers with the Taliban who have been behind these attacks.

The world should be demanding answers from Pakistan about why they failed to find OBL when he was hiding in plain sight in Abbottabad.


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