Jack Cashill discovers some early Østupid published pieces

Jack Cashill has another great post over at American Thinker.  The piece takes to task Harvard professor Kloppenburg who waxes lyrical about the untalented Barack Østupid. The piece is interesting to read because it focuses on some of the early influences on Østupid and at the same time it examines some of the early written pieces from his college years. These pieces are not the college thesis but something that was published at Columbia. The writing is quite sub-standard considering the writer is supposed to be so brilliant.

Jack Cashill also examines those early influences and remarks upon the fact that there was always a very narrow focus with regard to his thinking – something that is typical of a Marxist thinker.

Also, it is worth noting that Kloppenburg is one of those people who believes that Østupid is a pragmatist and a centrist, whilst completely ignoring his radical left leaning agenda.

Please read the whole thing at American Thinker.


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