Rowan Williams – the odour sniffing Archbishop of Canterbury

I confess, I have never liked Rowan Williams, especially when he was made the Archbishop of Canterbury. The comments from this man have rankled for a very long time. I could give a whole litany of the things that he has said or done that really got my back up several years ago, including his opining that Prince Charles could marry a divorcee known as Horseface (Camilla Parker Bowles) and become king of England. It is ludicrous because the Duke of Windsor had to renounce the throne in order to marry the love of his life, who was an American divorcee. It has been all downhill from that moment in my view. The worst of Rowan Williams, who is head of the Church of England, is that he is an Islamic appeaser. He is even happy to see the introduction of Sharia in the U.K.  What an absolute odour-sniffing obsequious idiot!!

Now it seems that Rowan Williams has given further cause to be offended, specifically in comments about the death of OBL. Williams, it seems was more concerned that OBL was allegedly unarmed when he was killed, than about the thousands of unarmed individuals killed by the actions and planning of OBL. I admit that I like the opinion given that Rowan Williams does not live in the real world. I agree!!!

Please read the whole story.


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