Syria – it needs very strong condemnation

Whilst Libya has been bubbling along with more killed and wounded in Zintan and Misrata every day, the crackdown in Syria has been getting worse. The actions of Asshat (Assad) have been as brutal as that of Daffy Duck, as well as that of the Grand Pooh-Bah (Khamenei) and Ahmahnutjob (the boycott is over).

One town in particular, Deraa has faced the full brunt of the crackdown. Asshat has been following the Daffy Duck script by claiming that he has been arresting members of AQ. This has been a very useful ploy for both men to use, because it seems to excite the sensibilities of some to accept that the propaganda is true. It may very well be that some people are AQ sypmathizers, but not the hundreds or even thousands who have been involved in the protests in each country. (I have no sympathy for Islamists, but I believe in REAL human rights).

The BBC makes the following report on the situation in Syria:

A Syrian human rights group has accused the government of carrying out “10 days of massacres” against protesters in the southern city of Deraa.

The Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS) says snipers and anti-aircraft machine guns are being used to fire on unarmed civilians.

Recent amateur video appears to show dozens of unarmed protesters being shot and bleeding to death on the streets.

The government is trying to quell seven weeks of protests that began in Deraa.

In cities across the country, protesters are calling for greater political rights and personal freedoms. Some are calling for the downfall of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

On Thursday, the US and Italy condemned the “brutal crackdown” by the Syrian government on its people.

More than 500 Syrians are thought to have been killed and at least 2,500 others detained. Rights groups say the figure could be much higher.

The unrest poses the most serious challenge to four decades of rule by the Assad family in one of the Arab world’s most repressive countries.

Foreign journalists are not allowed to enter the country, so it is difficult to verify the reports.

Tanks and snipers

The southern town of Deraa had been a hotbed of protest until troops backed by tanks took control of the city 10 days ago.

In a statement titled “ten days of massacres” the DCHRS says army units have been using anti-aircraft machine guns to shell houses in central neighbourhoods, such as al-Mahata and Daraa al-Balad.

Snipers have been stationed on the rooftops of high buildings and are targeting any moving persons, it adds.

“Dead bodies remain in the streets for more than 24 hours and then disappear,” an eyewitness told the DCHRS.

The organisation said 244 bodies had been transferred to the Tishreen Military Hospital in the capital, Damascus, over a two-day period. Many were children, it said, quoting a medic at the hospital.

The source also said 81 bodies of soldiers and army officers had been received. Most were killed by a gunshot to the back.

DCHRS says it strongly suspects that the soldiers were killed for refusing to shoot civilians.

Please read the whole report.

There are many similarities in this report between what is now taking place in Syria and what took and is taking place in Libya. In particular the use of snipers and anti-aircraft guns to shell whole neighbourhoods is deeply disturbing and is a carbon copy of the Daffy Duck responses.

The crackdown has also been the work of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard sent to Syria to assist in repressing the protests of the people. The Iranians also used tanks against the people in 2009 when they were brutally repressed by the regime.

The Iranian protests have been the inspiration for most of these countries – that is the people did not have any weapons themselves, they were peaceful. In Iran, whilst there was retaliation via rock throwing, people prevented violence against Basijj etc by reminding the other person that “we are peaceful”. The Syrian protests, like those in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen (perhaps) have been peaceful in that the people do not carry weapons.  In Libya the weapons came after they were fired upon when the people decided to retaliate against the deaths of their loved ones.  The Iranian protests have also been an inspiration for the brutal regimes and their crackdowns. Thus we see that Syria has called upon the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to help them put the people down. 

However, I draw attention to the fact that 81 military have also died, and that they received a gunshot wound in the back. This is also the picture that was coming out of Libya. In both cases, where the military refused to fire upon their own people, they too were brutally gunned down.


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  1. So why not intervene in Syria as the UN did in Libya?

    The Short Answer:

    Because Syria was THE GO TO SOVIET CLIENT STATE IN THE Middle East, and Damascus is still considered the Spy Capital of the world. They not only have a decent military for their size, but the WMD stockpile to back themselves up in defensive or offensive capabilities. Although the soviets are long gone; Syria on its own has a formidable guided missile stockpile with WMD warhead capabilities that could be turned against any military intervention in a bad way. Their guided missile ststems have more than enough range to strike Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc.

    This is unlike Iraq, Iran, or Libya whom have/had WMD’s in their arsenals but lacked the ability to deliver WMD’s via guided missile technologies due to various UN sanctions on military support rendered to them over the years. This means for the most part their WMD stockpiles could only be delivered via artillery, ground based weapons systems, and/or aerosolized spraying which restricts and/or contains the range of their effectiveness as well as the area of dispersal and cumulative effects. On the other hand, with guided missile capibilities you do not have these innate WMD issues.

    White Paper Analysis April 15, 2003:


  2. Thank you for your perspectives CRB and Aussie.


  3. @CRB, very interesting.

    The Soviet connection is also true for Libya. This explains why Russia is constantly giving the Daffy Duck line… as is China.

    The nexus here is Iran:Russia:Syria:Libya. All are interrelated at some point. Iran is very influential in Syria, and Syria has acted as a satellite for Iran with regard to the funding of Hezbollah and Nasrallah in Lebanon.

    We must not forget that Saddam Hussein moved his WMDs across the border and into Syria prior to the invasion of Iraq. Yes those WMDs really existed.