AQ confirms death of OBL

Al Qaeda has admitted to the world that OBL was killed in the raid at the compound at Abbottabad in Pakistan. The US monitoring group SITE Intelligence have spotted posts on Islamic forums announcing the death and encouraging mayhem.

As is usual with such twisted and perverted individuals, they see only themselves as being pure and condemn Americans. They are calling for an uprising in Pakistan and elsewhere. This is to be expected. The problem is Pakistan. These evil people have a large following in Pakistan.


5 responses to “AQ confirms death of OBL

  1. I wonder if now that AQ has confirmed the death of bin Ladin That FS will too? He gets most of his info from our enemies.


  2. Yes, you are right, he gets his information from extreme left-wing sites and kooks such as Alex Jones.


  3. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I just can’t get over how off the deep end it has become over there in Happyville.

    On this subject, I’d like to give my opinion:

    I believe OBL was killed Sunday.

    I honestly could care less whether he was killed in a firefight, or whether he was taking a bath playing with his “rubber ducky”.

    It is a GREAT day for the United States with JUSTICE being done. I sure as hell would be afraid if OBL had been taken to Gitmo, and had to wait DECADES before being brought to justice.

    Good riddence you piece of whale dung.

    Now the Administration needs to provide proof that OBL was killed. Although I actually do put credence in AQ’s admission that he is dead, I don’t really care who is offended, incited or anything else as far as what happens when the photos or video is released.

    If some faction wants to seek revenge, then they will know what the consequences will be.

    You have to fight these people on THEIR terms, not on some “politically correct” type of terms.


  4. IB, I totally agree. I could not care less if someone in Egypt or Pakistan goes off their faces because of a photo of a dead OBL…. Release the pictures!!!


  5. IB I did find your post at the other site, and it was well stated. They are off the deep end. None of it is correct at all.
    Personally, I take no notice of anything that comes from Alex Jones, and even when I see something that is not from him but associated with InfoWars I am not prepared to take it seriously.
    However, I think Cabby hit the nail on the head about the Truthers.