Government corruption in South Africa

This news item is not really much of a surprise, since the South African government went downhill once Nelson Mandela was freed and then became the President. South Africa is one of those Marxist governments in Africa, so it is unsurprising that there is a level of corruption (which is par for the course with Marxists). I will remind you of the crimes committed by Mandela’s wife Winnie. The South African government has been crime ridden since the Africanaas were forced to relinquish their control. (I do not support the Africanaas, and I do not support Mandela)

The wife of a minister in the South African Government has been found guilty of being involved in drug smuggling:

Cheryl Cwele was convicted of conspiring with a Nigerian businessman to recruit two women as drug mules to import cocaine into the country.

The national prosecuting authority has called the 12-year sentence handed down as appropriate.

Opposition figures have intensified their calls for intelligence minister Siyabonga Cwele to stand down, saying it is inconceivable he was not aware of his wife’s dealings.


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