They are not criminals leaving Misrata

The litany of lies coming out of the Libyan Daffy Duck regime continues unabated. The bombardment of Misrata has not let up for 2 months. The people of Misrata are not criminals, they are not members of AQ and they are not thugs. They are ordinary citizens that have been caught up in this Daffy Duck induced hell hole.

Misrata is important because of its position as a sea port. It is an important port for Tripoli. Daffy obviously feels that he cannot lose control of the port of Misrata – he has already lost control of the port. When Saif al-Arab died according to Libyan regime sources, Daffy intensified his bombardment of both Misrata and Zintan.

What is really galling about the Daffy regime statements is that the foreign workers who have been fleeing are criminals. Excuse me, Mr Gadhafi, those are international workers who had come to Libya for work, and you are calling them criminals!! These are innocent men who have been caught in the hellhole that you have created.

In this report, which gives a bit of detail about what has happened during the week, Amnesty International is also speaking out against Gadhafi:

“The scale of the relentless attacks that we have seen by Kadhafi forces to intimidate the residents of Misrata for more than two months is truly horrifying,” said Amnesty senior adviser Donatella Rovera.

“It shows a total disregard for the lives of ordinary people and is in clear breach of international humanitarian law.”

At the same time France and the UK have begun to expel more Libyan diplomats:

France announced it ordered 14 people who served as Libyan diplomats under Kadhafi’s regime to leave the country within two days.

“France has declared persona non grata 14 Libyan ex-diplomats posted in France,” the foreign ministry said, indicating Paris no longer recognised their diplomatic status.

The ministry accused them of “activities incompatible with the relevant UN resolutions… and contrary to the protection of Libyan civilians.”

At the Rome meeting, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had called on the international community must do more to isolate Kadhafi’s regime by expelling all diplomats loyal to him.

Britain ordered two Libyan envoys to leave London on Thursday. It had already expelled the ambassador.

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