Who is next? – and please do not go on about this one being an American citizen

There has been drone action in Yemen, where two militants were killed as a result of a CIA drone strike. The next most dangerous member of the AQ network is not so much al-Zawahri, but the American born Yemeni imam who goes by the name of Awlaki.

Awlaki is probably more dangerous than OBL because Awlaki used his position as an imam to preach jihad and to turn “believers” into jihadists. It is a well-known fact that Awlaki ran the Virginia mosque where members of the “19” who participated in the mass murder of American citizens and international individuals on September 11. Awlaki was very much a part of the plot and the planning. Also, Awlaki was imam for Nidal Hasan the Ft. Hood murderer or jihadist.

What is most disturbing about Awlaki is that he has been spreading his influence via the Internet. In fact Nidal Hasan was communicating with him via the Internet. The incompetents who were supposed to have been monitoring Nidal Hasan ignored the basis of the communication and did nothing to prevent what has become known as the Ft. Hood terrorism massacre. It was absurd that some petty official claimed that Hasan was conducting research instead of alerting those higher up that something was wrong.

Awlaki lives in Yemen where he is part of the Yemeni branch of AQ. This group is now the one to watch because they have been responsible for several failed plots, including the Nigerian underpants bomber, and the ink-cartridge bombs. These people are very active and they mean business.

Then of course Awlaki is not the only “American” involved with AQ. There is also Adam Gadahan and at least one other who has gone to the Middle East to commit crimes against the USA on foreign soil.

***** UPDATE*****

HotAir has an interesting perspective on this action in Yemen. It has to do with the fact that the Salafists and AQ in particular have been behind the protests in that country. It seems that the pressure on Saleh has been enough for him to provide information on the whereabouts of Awlaki which allowed the attempted strike:

The attack appears to be unrelated to intelligence information taken in the raid that killed bin Laden, whose death was confirmed by al Qaeda Friday in a statement that vowed to continue attacks on Americans…

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has been more forthcoming with information on Mr. Awlaki since he has faced major protests in his country, a U.S. official said. Mr. Saleh has sought to use that information in a bartering effort to gain more support from the U.S., the official added. The White House has backed an Arab proposal that would ease Mr. Saleh from office…

Yemen officials said the U.S. fired twice at Mr. Awlaki in two attacks spread over about 45 minutes. In the first, the U.S. fired three rockets at a pickup truck in which Mr. Awlaki and a Saudi national and suspected al Qaeda member were traveling outside the village of Jahwa, located some 20 miles away from the Shebwa provincial capital, according to local residents and the Yemeni security official.

Two Yemeni brothers, who were known by local residents for giving shelter to al Qaeda militants, rushed to the scene of the attack. Mr. Awlaki switched vehicles with them, leaving the two Yemenis in the pickup. A single missile from the U.S. rocket then hit the pickup truck, killing the Yemenis inside.


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