Dr Ron Polland’s new video

I just spotted this video:

Dr. Ron Polland has examined the background images of the faked factcheck BC and the new BC with a genuine Hawaii BC. What he has discovered is that the two released BC’s are forgeries based upon background of paper alone. This is due to the fact that the genuine BC is dark green on a lighter green background, whereas the Factcheck BC and the latest forgery are dark green on white.

What do you think about this latest evidence that yet another forgery has been perpetrated?

My own view is that since Østupid has produced this forgery and it is definitely linked to him, then he should be prepared to stand up in a court room and take an oath regarding whether or not it is a genuine birth certificate. The oath is necessary to catch him with the perjury.

5 responses to “Dr Ron Polland’s new video

  1. And, of course, he has “bet the farm” that that will never happen.


  2. We shall just have to wait…..and wait….and wait… and see….


  3. And who’s got the balls to go forward to bring obama down for prejury?
    Congress sure not going bring charges and take him to court, as they are
    ALL in bed with him. They all, including the MSM, keep covering up for him, like they have been blackmailed or something.


  4. You might be correct about the possibility of blackmail.

    I see no one in the Congress who has the balls to tackle the real issues. However, it could come down to investigating other matters that lead into the issue of the forged birth certificate.

    I have always said that the perjury started at the inauguration because he lied about promising to uphold the constitution. Maybe some day someone will ping to this and then start asking relevant questions.

    So we just have to wait… and wait… and wait… until someone musters up the courage to ask the big questions.


  5. Carlyle. I agree that he has “bet the farm” that any real scutiny will never happen. I watched Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner for the first time last night. Because my brain works in funny ways, I decided to research all of the players and locations that he and those associated with him lived. Life is gray, or even black as night with a narrative told by those who win. Reminded me of the current cabal.