Egypt: The real foreign policy disaster

Whilst I believe that it was necessary to implement the no-fly zone in Libya for humanitarian reasons, and I have gone to great lengths to show that the action was justified because of the human rights abuses being perpetrated against the civilian population, I have not had the same instinctive reaction when it came to Egypt.

My reasoning had been that the overthrow of Muburak and his cronies could only lead to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB propaganda has been such that they have managed to hid from the gullible, their real intentions. Most people in the United States, and yes even in Australia are ignorant as to the real nature of Muslim Brotherhood. Very few understand that MB had links to Adolf Hitler. Here in Canberra the gullibility of those I call odour sniffers was such that they were very happy about the overthrow of Muburak (I felt nothing but disgust over the attitude that was on display at the time – they are so ignorant that they have failed to understand the implication for Christians i.e. the Copts).

This report is of concern because the rise of the Salafists in Egypt appears to be unchecked by the army.  I am not sure how many are aware that in Egypt the young men deliberately set out to entice young Christian women. They entice them, marry them, force them to convert to Islam (and they are not free to leave Islam), then they abandon the girl after her family has been humiliated by the conversion. The underlying report here is probably related to something similar. In this case the woman is a Christian and the Salafists are claiming that she is being held against her will by the Copts because she married a Muslim man and wants to convert (yeah right… I can only imagine that the young woman was tricked).

The White House policy that led to the demise of Muburak has been proved to be a disaster. It is clashes like the one described that are now going to continue, with the Christians facing a drastically rising persecution. However, the White House does not care about Christians being persecuted, they only care that a Muslim is buried according to Muslim rights!!

What is happening now is the equivalent of the disastrous Carter policies redux.  Carter acted like a real jerk when it came to Iran, and his actions directly led to the return of Khomenei to Iran, followed by the mullahs grabbing power. Whilst it could be said that the people voted the mullahs into power, I do not think that this was actually true. It was more a case of Khomenei seized control of Iran when the Shah was forced to leave. So far, the only thing that is different is that there has been no embassy siege and hostage crisis.

The rise of the Salafists is a very bad sign, and there are other bad signs such as the resolve to keep the borders between Egypt and the Gaza strip open. This is an extremely bad thing because it allows Hamas to obtain weapons and rockets to continue firing at Israel.

Whilst I applaud the death of OBL, the White House still has blood on their hands, and egg all over their faces. The PR immediately after the death of OBL was nothing short of a total disaster.  These disasters show that the White House regime is extremely inept, just like Carter.


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