More war crimes from the scum known as Daffy Duck

His crimes in Misrata are never ending. I feel so much for the men, women and children of that town because of the horrible things that are happening to them every day. I feel pity for the immigrant workers trying to escape (this explains my last post, because most of those leaving Misrata by boat are immigrant workers and they are not thugs or involved in AQ).

Now the crimes have gotten worse, and on top of that this criminal is using Red Cross or Red Crescent helicopters to do his nasty deeds. The latest from the BBC is that Daffy Duck has been dropping land mines into the streets of Misrata. This is disgusting.

However, now we get to some further truths about why China and Russia have been so supportive of Daffy Duck in their condemnation of the NATO action. Those landmines were made by the Chinese.


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