Spy capers in the UK – the case of MI5 chief Roger Hollis

I was very young when the Profumo affair was big news. I do remember the name of Christine Keeler and that something had happened that was a big scandal. I knew the bare bones, that John Profumo was a British MP who got caught up in some kind of spy scandal because he was sleeping with Christine Keeler. It was very big news in Australia at the time. However, it is the background spy story that is probably more intriguing than the story of John Profumo and Christine Keeler the call girl.

The real name at the centre of the scandal is Roger Hollis, a former chief of MI5 and who was chief of MI5 at the time that the Profumo affair was made public. John Profumo made the statement to the Parliament, which was not the result of MI5 informing the Prime Minister of the day of his activities. This is because Roger Hollis was a deep cover double agent.

At this point, you might be thinking: so what? Well, these spy scandals are an indication of what can happen in the world, especially the penetration of Soviet spies wanting to garner the military secrets in the UK and the USA. The link in the story is the Communist party in the UK and Roger Hollis. It was a well-hidden link and it has only come to light because a man by the name of Michael Butt provided evidence that a mysterious man who looked a lot like Roger Hollis visited a house of a Communist operative.

Imagine for a moment, is it possible for Soviet penetration to reach the White House?Sadly, the answer appears to be yes, that it is possible. the current pResident of the White House was raised by a Marxist mother, and Marxist grandparents. As a youth he was exposed to another Marxist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis. His Kenyan father was also a Marxist. When he went to college he surrounded himself with Marxists, including William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. His mother was a colleague of the Marxist Peter Geithner when they were in Indonesia together. He has surrounded himself with Marxists as a part of his Administration. Have you ever questioned the truth about those 9 spies who were outed and sent back to Russia? One of them Anna Chapman has become a minor celebrity in Russia. How many others are in deep cover, using assumed names? How many of those people now surrounding the pResident are in fact agents of Russia? Anything is possible when it comes to the lengths by which the Russians will double deal.

Now back to the story involving Roger Hollis, and the accumulating by circumstantial evidence that he was a double agent. The woman who is also the subject of the story was given the code name Sonia. She was also known as Anna Buerton. She managed to get hold of a document regarding the treaty that was signed between UK and the USA regarding their research into nuclear armanents. She transmitted the document to the Soviet Union from a cottage in Oxford, which was close to the headquarters of MI5.  The connection to Michael Butt is that he was living in a bed sit in a house run by a woman by the name of Bridget, the sister of Anna Buerton or Sona, and this is where Michael Butt had seen Roger Hollis, the mysterious visitor.

Roger Hollis failed to alert the Prime Minister, MacMillan, that John Profumo was associating with Christine Keeler, and that Keeler was having an affair with a Russian spy. The Russian had asked Keeler to get hold of certain information related to nuclear missiles in Europe. Hollis as chief of MI5 should have alerted the Prime Minister as soon as he was aware of the information but failed to do so, leaving MacMillan extremely embarrassed when John Profumo made his statement to the Parliament.


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