The disappearance of Madeleine McCann

As a mother I have known moments of panic when my sons have done a disappearing act. It is a mother’s worst nightmare when the child fails to show up, and in the case of little Madelein McCann, it remains a parent’s worst nightmare because she has not been found. In their case, the Portugal police tried to pin a crime on them. However, the McCann’s have persisted in their search for their little girl who disappeared 4 years ago in Portugal. Maddie should have turned 8 this month.

As a neighbour, I have known the shock of learning about the disappearance, rape and murder of a young boy (11 years old at the time he disppeared) who had been a neighbour, and had played with my own children. The family had lived next door to us in in Canberra, and then moved on to travel around Australia. They were an immigrant family from Scotland. We did not hear about the murder that had occurred in the October prior to our move to Sydney until we saw Australia’s Most Wanted, and the case was highlighted. My sons recognized the family and the boy in question. As far as I am aware the murder remains unsolved (I continue to pray for the family in their grief over the death of one of their sons).

The search for Madeleine has continues, and now it seems that the British Police and the Potuguese police are finally working together on the case. Gone are the accusations against the McCann family, since now they are concentrating on finding the man with the pocked face who was seen near the villa when Madeleine disappeared. Today, for the first time I have seen a report that sounds like there might be a breakthrough, though sadly it means that Madeleine was kidnapped, raped and murdered before her body was dumped (maybe at sea). The person of interest is a British pedophile with a record as one who is quite vicious.  You can read about the report on the latest developments in this case here.

The McCann case reminds me of some very famous Australian cases: the Beaumont children who disappeared from a beach in Adelaide (3 of them were taken), Linda Stillwell who disappeared from the St.Kilda beach in Victoria, Eloise Worledge who was taken from her home in Beaumaris, Victoria, and none of these cases have in fact been solved. In these cases, though, there has been a kind of breakthrough with a lead coming about a man, who is a pedophile, and a known rapist who is in jail for life, and whose papers that were archived, revealing details about those cases, as well as some murders in Sydney (also beach murders) NSW.   The parents of these children have never had the satisfaction of having those cases resolved.  I just hope that the McCanns can get some closure in the near future.


4 responses to “The disappearance of Madeleine McCann

  1. As a father of young children, I am on the constant lookout children and freak out if they.leave my sight for even a moment. The penalty for these predators the slowest, most painful death imaginable.


  2. Paxson, my children are grown into adults, but yes I used to freak when they “disappeared”. One of them disappeared when we were at Disney World. The other one was on the way home from school and he did a diversion and yes I freaked over it.


  3. Child predators are the lowest scum on earth.


  4. Paxson I agree with your statement. This is why I have mentioned some of the Australian cases, including that of the child who was my neighbour!! To this day I remain shocked over that child’s death.