The order for the 7/7 bombing came from Pakistan

I have just been reading this story and discovered something interesting. The order for the London bombings known as 7/7 that killed 52 people, and left many seriously maimed and injured, came from Pakistan. I have mentioned several times about the links to Pakistan, and that a large number of Pakistanis have been involved in the acts of terror, but this particular story fills in some interesting detail, via a girl who knew one of the bombers. Siddique Khan was the ringleader of the group, and he took his orders from Pakistan.

Everything seems to come back to Pakistan, and I continue to believe that someone very high up in the government, or in the military, or in the intelligence services in Pakistan was a conduit for OBL. I believe that someone high up in Pakistan was protecting OBL from the West. This feeling is getting stronger and stronger, although I am not sure where it is leading.

On the other hand, even though Pakistan has denied involvement, I have become convinced that the Pakistan military at least, was aware that the raid was going to happen. Something else that sparked my interest came from American Thinker where  a link was made to the CIA operative who shot and killed two men in Lahore, and then an embassy vehicle ran down and killed a person on a bicycle in a separate but connected incident. Did the ISI not know that these people were operating in Lahore and in Abbottabad? How can the military say that they had no idea that the helicopters were coming in to take the OBL compound? Hmmm… that is just to satisfy the religious element in Pakistan. 

My guess is that the order for the London bombing came from OBL but he was not in Abbottabad at the time, and was probably in a safe house in a nearby location. I doubt that he was in the Tora Boras for any length of time, and that he was hiding out in a similar city until the compound was built.  Pakistanis apparently have a tendency to not worry too much if a criminal lives in their midst.


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