More evidence of birth certificate forgery

This is definitely intriguing. Why has Østupid provided a forged birth certificate? The latest release is a s much a forgery as the one posted on the net during the Presidential campaign. This time the comment about the forgery comes from a PI working in Hawaii, who has had a copy of 3 different birth certificates including the one with the grandmother’s signature.

The grandmother forgery was mentioned just recently, and apprently it was released in an Hawaii newspaper. However, Madelyn’s name was misspelled, meaning it was an obvious fake certificate. One of the forged certificates, the one for Queen’s hospital apparently looks a lot like the one that has just been released.

To add to the mystery, the now discredited site,, had released a certificate with Queens as the hospital, and it later scrubbed that certificate. This information that was displayed on Wikpedia was also scrubbed.

According to the PI employees of the HDOH released these forgeries to “screw with the birthers”. Charming!!


3 responses to “More evidence of birth certificate forgery

  1. OOOPS!

    For any newbies lurking here: this guy is one of the most careful commentators out there. He asks a lot of questions and has been involved in some of the lawsuits, but he is always among to last to make any sort of proclamation or conclusion – and only then and when in the face of absolutely irrefutable data.


  2. OT but clearly important!

    As close to a god as a human can get.
    The one man on the planet I actually worship.

    Key point: It’s not the details, it’s the MODEL that failed.

    Too bad Commander Zero and his Flying Monkeys like failure!


  3. Carlyle, there is a lot happening with the Euro etc at the moment. I am tracking the Greek situation, and have yet to raise a post about Portugal.

    Spain is keeping itself above water, but for how long?

    Thanks to the slyness of the Greeks the Euro could definitely fail.