Intimidation – Mob rule

The Østupid regime is about to head in a very nasty direction. It is a direction that allows for intimidation of business in a way that should make anyone have genuine cause for concern. When a White House official refused to testify on the matter, Darrel Issa has threatened to issue subpoenas to force that official to testify on the matter.

Østupid is determined to issue an executive order requiring business to declare their political donations in the past two years, or they will not be involved in the contract process. This is an attempt to implement Chicago mob rule into the White House. It is all about shaking down people.

There is something very, very wrong with this particular move. HotAir talks about the Nixonian aspects – the enemies list, but at least I understand a part of that Nixon psyche caused such a list to come into existence (I assume the NYT was at the top of that list!!). However, this goes beyond anything that is Nixonian. It is outright intimidation.

In terms of transparency, yes political donations should be disclosed in the bidding process, that is in the very early stages when there is an invitation to treat, and it should only be used if there is any suggestion that a favour is being paid to the successful contract bidder. In other words, the President and his team of Marxist tsars have no right to that information.

This form of intimidation is right out of the mob playbook. It is along the lines of pay up or else. It is also along the lines of – if you donate to the opposition then you will not be in the contract process. This is why such a requirement should never be allowed to come to fruition.

Please read the whole thing at HotAir.


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