The case of the missing son of Bin Laden

This is turning into a real mystery, and it only adds to the spin and the confusion that has arisen over the Navy SEAL raid on the OBL compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. When Osama Bin Laden was killed, there were 3 other men plus a woman killed at the same time. The men have been identified as Khaled Bin Laden, plus the two couriers. The woman who was killed was the wife of one of the couriers, who was occupying the guest house in the courtyard at the time.  However, the three widows in the hands of the Pakistanis have stated that Hamza Bin Laden is missing. Is Hamza in the custody of the Navy SEALS?

Hamza Bin Laden has been dubbed the crown prince of terror by Patrick Mercer, a UK Conservative MP. This is because Hamza has been following in his father’s footsteps. However, there is more that has been revealed in the report at the Daily Telegraph.

He featured on an extremist website to mark the third anniversary of the July 7 London bombings in which 52 people died. He read a poem called for “destruction” of America, Britain, France and Denmark.

Intelligence agencies believe he was being groomed as a possible future leader of al-Qaeda, and he was implicated in the assassination of moderate Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

This unholy terror, the youngest son of OBL, not only read a poem called “Destruction of American, Britain, France and Denmark”, he is also implicated in the death of Benazir Bhutto, the Presidential candidate who was assassinated. I do find it interesting that Hamza Bin Laden was a suspect. If the Pakistanis suspected his involvement in her assassination, then surely they must have been aware that OBL was living in Pakistan.

It should be noted that Benazir Bhutto was one of many who had proclaimed that OBL was already dead. She was obviously mistaken, but the fact that she made this statement, only weeks before her death suggests that maybe she knew something…. or it could be that the fanatical son of OBL and the fanatics responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto were going out of their minds because a woman was daring to run for the position of President. This would be very much in line with the fanatical beliefs of OBL, beliefs that are shared by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Update: 2nd news report suggests that Hamza was not taken by the Navy SEALS but that he escaped!!

News of Hamza’s apparent escape emerged during the interrogation of Bin Laden’s three wives by Pakistani investigators.

In one, released in 2001 and made at the wedding of his brother Mohammed, Hamza wore combat dress and read a poem dedicated to his father’s exploits.

One passage went: “I’m warning America that its people will face terrible results if they chase my father. Fighting Americans is the basis for faith.”

In 2005, when he was 15, he featured in a jihadist film shot in a Pakistani tribal area on the Afghan border.

He held a semi-automatic assault rifle and was said to have just taken part in a battle against Pakistani security forces.

His voice also appeared in a video released on the third anniversary of London’s 7/7 bombings, calling for the destruction of the US, Britain, France and Denmark.

He declared: “Oh God, reward the fighters. God, be pleased with those who want to go for jihad. Grant victory to the Taliban over the gangs of infidels.”

Hamza was also implicated in the murder of Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto, who had named him as a leader of one of the al-Qaeda-linked groups of assassins planning to kill her.

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Oh wow, this particular report says that Benazir Bhutto named Hamza Bin Laden as her potential assassin.


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