The New York beach body dumping ground

I have mentioned this subject in another post about the Craigslist murders. Up to 10 bodies have been found in the one location. The police have announced   four separate crimes have taken place and that there are at least 4 murderers involved. Four of the bodies, those of 4 prostitutes were found wrapped in burlap, of the other remains there is a toddler and a man, and there are parts of bodies belonging to two women found in another location. The missing prostitute, who sparked the search has not been found!! 

I will be interesting to see if they actually solve any of these crimes, and whether they end up with any murder suspects.

There is a far more detailed report on the bodies that have been found at this link. What is extremely disturbing is that the sister of one of the victims has received phone calls from a man taunting her about the death of her sister. This new report from the UK is the only one to mention that this has happened.

Also, this is the only report that states that some of the remains could be victims of a killer known to have murdered at least 17 prostitutes. There is the body of an Asian man and toddler that is unrelated to the other murders. On top of that there seems to be a link between the 4 bodies found that were wrapped in burlap and those found in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Then there is the body parts of one victim, whose other remains were found in another location – she could be victim nr 2 for that killer.

I definitely should run a book on these murders to see if other information becomes available and whether they can find the killer.



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