The LSM must like Gingrich – not the right choice

This is from an Australian source reporting on Newt Gingrich announcing his bid for the Presidency in 2012. What I find interesting is that it claims that Gingrich is the first major candidate to throw his hat into the ring. Obviously, they are either not taking any notice of the other players who have declared or they are more or less saying that none of the other candidates who have declared so far have a snowball’s chance of winning. Or it could be that they want Gingrich to win because he would not beat Østupid in the actual race.

There are good reasons to reject Gingrich. My number reason is that he is squishy on Green issues. This could be a reason that the Age is claiming him to be a major candidate. However, I do not know where they get the idea that Gingrich is a major player. Needless to say they obviously discount RP as a major player.


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  1. It’s funny that you posted this as I just pondering the fact that I don’t get too fired up by Newt.


  2. It could also be that the Australian media have no clue about Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, and Gary Johnson. RP is just a joke and he will get nowhere again.
    Gingrich did make his mark as the Speaker of the Reps, but that is about all. I would never think of him as a big player.

    Of the ones I have mentioned it is Herman Cain who is the one to watch.


  3. They are trying to diminish Cain from both the right and the left. I like how straight forward that he is, a trait that I also admire about Trump (although Cain is a true conservative and Trump is squishy as we have discussed).

    I’ve actually been getting kind of discouraged lately. The press are doubling down again for Obama, there seems to be little enthusiasm for a suitable Republican candidate. The blogs, supposedly on our side, appear to be filled with commentary that was designed by misinformation merchants on the other side in order to distract serious debate. I need to snap out of it.


  4. I have noticed that blogs like HotAir are in the tank for Tim Pawlenty… yuk… squish…. or Mitch Daniels…. and some are continuing to push the real squish Chris Christie.

    None of them are likely to beat Østupid. Romney is not strong enough. He has been like a scared rabbit, not speaking out.

    The only one who is a likely candidate who has spoken up is Sarah Palin. I do not think that Michele Bachman would be a suitable candidate because I have noticed that she is a bit naive on some issues. This is a reason why I do not think she is ready to be Speaker of the House. Maybe in a few more years when she is better seasoned.

    Jon Huntsman is another loser in my view… another squish too watermelon green candidate. Any candidate that promotes green issues is in my view the wrong person.

    The only person, and he is not eligible, to really impress me has been Marco Rubio.

    Another candidate that I believe would be good for the USA is John Bolton.


  5. John Bolton is exactly what the country needs, but they’ve turned him into some sort of bogeyman. Tells you that he is too right and the ptb’s are terrified of his message.


  6. Yes, I think that you have a very good point about the ptbs as far as John Bolton is concerned.
    I think that he has the strength to show the right kind of leadership. However, maybe it would be better if he was the VP first. Just so that he gets more domestic training.


  7. Sharon in VA

    A fellow Tea Party member sent me this interesting video….as she mentioned, and I concur….I have heard that the John Birch society is radical…this video has nothing radical in it….just straighforward discussion and research as to WHY true Conservatives may get a bad taste in our mouths regarding Newt.

    It’s long, but more interesting than I thought it was going to be.


  8. Sharon in VA

    Ooops. in listening to this again….I hope you don’t think I am endorsing Ron Paul…there are many things Ron Paul stands for that I DO agree with, however, what I disagree with him on, I disagree strongly.


  9. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I like Newt, but I believe that he MAY be a One World Government type.

    Newt’s greatest feat was being Speaker of the HOuse when Hillarycare was defeated, and also passing a budget that brought us a budget SURPLUS for the first time in decades.

    I’m not sure I could vote for Newt for President (I’m leaning toward Cain right now), but the fact is there is a long road to travel before primaries even begin.

    I need to get more informed before I make my mind up as to who would benefit the Country the most.


  10. Sharon, thanks for the contribution. I hope that other readers will click on the link.

    The John Birch Society is not radical. They have very conservative opinions as far as I am aware. They are only radical to leftists because the leftists do not like having people removing the rock.


  11. My major concern about any potential candidate including Gingrich and Huntsman is that if they are showing Green tendencies then they are promoting a form of Marxism.

    There is nothing wrong with caring for the environment. There is something wrong with preventing oil exploration and wanting those wind turbines everywhere. (they are a real eyesore on the landscape).


  12. Herman Cain as Republican candidate would shut up the charges of racism.


  13. Aussie | May 13, 2011 at 6:16 am |

    My major concern about any potential candidate including Gingrich and Huntsman is that if they are showing Green tendencies then they are promoting a form of Marxism.

    A Prosperity Agenda for the 21st Century
    -Newt Gingrich


  14. I don’t disagree with any of the facts or concerns that have been presented. But even with all the faults, Gingerich is head and shoulders above any other Repub hopeful. He’s got it all – seniority, gravitas, knowledge, experience, etc.

    He is the ONLY CANDIDATE that has, for years, been articulating where America is going wrong and proposing actual workable alternative solutions.

    Rather than whining about some of his most egregious brain farts (specifically Greeny Madness), let’s all email and write to him and pound him into submission. “I love you and would vote for you, but…”.

    In the end, if he does not come to his senses, we could then refuse to vote from him. But it is considerably premature to throw him on the ash heap at this juncture.


  15. Hi,
    Please look at this story. I used to really like John Bolton but I have over a period of time have changed my opinion. I really have a hard time trusting anyone who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and who are friends with the Rothschild/Bilderberger people. Pay attention to who they are friends with. Very telling

    SUPER-SIZED! – Faces of Evil that Rule the World


  16. Here is a specific – we MUST get Newt to not only repudiate this but to mock and excoriate it. Then we will be OK. Will he do it? Don’t know. But if he doesn’t, he will lose.

    Gingrich Feels the Heat for Appearing in Global Warming Ad With Pelosi

    Every presidential candidate is going to come into the 2012 race with baggage. But Newt Gingrich has what, for primary voters, could be a doozy in his closet — three years ago, he cut an ad with Nancy Pelosi for Al Gore’s climate change group.


  17. Carlyle, I am not sure that Gingrich can get the groundswell of support. There is a lot of baggage where he can be attacked. Admittedly people already know about that baggage, which blunts it.

    However, that video with Nancy Pelosi is extremely damaging. It means that he cannot be trusted with regard to the Green agenda.


  18. It means that he made a mistake. So many scientists are Greenies that it is hard for an otherwise well-meaning politician to know who to believe.

    There are politicians who are actual liars and are pushing the Green Agenda for nefarious reasons (like Al Gore). Gingrich was never one of those. He also knows that sometimes it is better to fight things from the inside than the outside – so I’m sure that affected his thinking. If you can’t stop the juggernaut by lying down in front of it, get inside and see if you can manipulate the controls.

    In hindsight that was a bad idea and it saddled him with baggage that he must now jettison. If he disavows this as having been a mistake, I will believe him – as opposed to thinking he can’t be trusted.