An update on Christchurch earthquake zone

The news, for Christchurch residents is not at all good, and very sad because it has been decided that 900 buildings in the city centre are to be demolished. This includes historic buildings.

The cost of the recovery will be $N.Z 8.5 billion, but the new city will no doubt be a better one. This reminds me of the devastation done to the Hawkes Bay region in New Zealand. Like Christchurch the buildings were so badly damaged that they had to be demolished. When they rebuilt they were in the Nouveau Art Deco style, and the town is quite pretty.


2 responses to “An update on Christchurch earthquake zone

  1. If the buildings are so severely damaged and cannot be repaired, they are a safety hazard and need to be demolished.

    I’m sure it’s very sad for the residents of Christchurch to see their history torn down however, this begins a new day with more history to be made.

    I wish them success and hope that Christchurch will emerge from the ruins a strong, beautiful city.


  2. Exactly. The buildings, even the historic ones are unsafe. They need to be bulldozed and they need to start again.
    You might not have understood my Hawkes Bay reference. It is still the worst earthquake disaster with a toll that was over 200 people. It happened in the 1930s when Art Deco was all the rage. They had to do the same thing in Hawkes Bay, and they knocked down all the buildings and created new ones in the Art Deco style which really gives the town a very unique flavour.
    I assume that in Christchurch there will also be a new building code, plus they will have to look more closely at the use of their building materials. The modern materials are more amenable to earthquakes.
    However the damage bill is very hefty, and this is because of the first quake that struck as well as all of the aftershocks. Ditto for this very severe quake. It was the aftershocks that created a lot more in the way of damage.

    The port of Lyttleton was also damaged, not so much the port as the town of Lyttleton, so there are also historic buildings that will have to be bulldozed and start again.