Man with AK47 tries to enter army base

Just saw this news item at The Age website. The man tried to enter an army base but the guard noticed it was a fake id. (there is a name of a suspect in the report, he is a known criminal) The police were led on a high speed chase and shots were fired:

US police say they have captured a gunman who tried breaking into an army base and shot at police during a high-speed chase before entering and leaving a university building.

Rolla Police Chief Mark Kearse said officers took Cody N Willcoxson into custody on Thursday afternoon, hours after they say he tried sneaking into the nearby Fort Leonard Wood army base using a fake ID.

Fort Leonard Wood spokesman Mike Warren said a man tried entering the base through its west gate on Thursday morning but was told to leave by a security guard, who determined the man’s identification card didn’t look legitimate.

Instead of leaving, the driver accelerated rapidly and drove through the gate, then led military police on a chase that ended when he drove back out through the front gate and the St Robert Police Department began the pursuit, he said.

St Robert Police Chief Curtis Curenton said the officers had been on Interstate 44 for only a couple of kilometres when the driver began firing shots from what appeared to be an AK-47.

Curenton said he followed the gunman about 50km to Rolla when his driver’s-side mirror was hit with one round and his engine compartment was hit by another.

Kearse, who said he was also shot at by Willcoxson, said the suspect fired dozens of shots at officers, reloading the assault rifle as he drove.



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