Herman Cain

If you have not seen this video of his CPAC address, then I think you need to have a look. Within the first few minutes I am totally impressed:

He is one man that I would like to know more about. He is not squish with regards to being a watermelon like Gingrich. He is a good antidote to the skin thing.


2 responses to “Herman Cain

  1. Thanks for sharing that, Aussie. At the bare minimum, Herman Cain is a highly inspirational person. To me, this prerequisite is very important to drag the U.S. out of our malaise.


  2. Paxson, I agree that Herman Cain is inspirational.
    What I do not know about him is the way that he would handle foreign affairs (please keep all jokes private). I think that it would be icing on the cake if he could articulate how he would handle countries like Iran and Egypt.
    Thanks to Østupid the world is facing one big crisis that is to come… unless somehow Egypt does not fall to MB.