Judge orders FBI to search for missing Murrah bldg tapes

The person bringing the action is the brother of Kenneth Trentadue who died in mysterious circumstances in prison, the day after the OKC Murrah bldg bombing.  If you click on the links you will see that the man was beaten prior to being strangled, and I doubt he committed suicide in prison. Trentadue must have known something that the FBI did not want to get out, and thus could be considered victim nr 169 in the bombing.

Trentadue has made an FOI request seeking the video tapes from surrounding buildings that appear to be missing.

As you would be aware, Jayna Davis, a reporter was on the spot at the time, and her investigations has led to the naming of Iraqi Hussein al-Husseini as being John Doe #2, a fact that is denied by the FBI in an attempt to cover up details as ordered by the Clinton Administration.

The fact that McVeigh faced the death penalty so very quickly is enough to make one feel suspicious. McVeigh knew things that he did not discuss at his trial. He never revealed the name of the man who was seen with him. Witnesses have placed a man of Middle Eastern appearance in his company at the time of the bombing. I doubt that Terry Nicols was capable of building a bomb that had the strength to do that much damage. There must be others involved in the plot, and the FBI has been covering up all of these years.


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