The new approach to jihad – oh my!!

I have already mentioned this case, where two potential jihadists who wanted to set fire to Jewish synagogues and blow up the Empire State building were captured, and today there are new revelations about one of them. He was a smart dresser and he worked behind a cosmetics counter at Saks fifth avenue. Another salient point about this would be assassin is that he wanted to be a model and an actor.

Whilst it is somewhat easy to make guesses about individuals who dress in white, have a beard and wear a white skull cap, it is a very different story when the potential jihadist is dressing in a very snappy style. He was no doubt hoping to blend in with the population and escape detection. This is just food for thought due to the increased risk and potential for another disaster like the bringing down of the twin towers of the WTC.

There is an extremely detailed news report at the DailyMail UK site, and I suggest that if you do not get this information in the USA that you should take a read of it.

Both individuals already had a criminal record, and had been arrested for burglary. The dapper gentleman was also involved in drug dealing. The police in New York had been on to both of them for some time. It was not a recently hatched plot.


4 responses to “The new approach to jihad – oh my!!

  1. A “must read” – – –

    My two favorite people on the International Stage, Nigel Farage and Geert Wilders.

    Money quote: “islam is a dangerous totalitarian ideology rather than a religion”.


  2. I thought it was obvious that Islam was nothing more than totalitarianism.


  3. Islam was never a religion; it’s a movement.

    No legitimate religion would behave like this, nor would its members condone it.

    I think it’s time to put an exclusion statement in the Freedom of Religion clause.


  4. Both of you have come up with a good summary of Islam. Like any cult it has the trappings of religion.

    Mohammed was influenced by the Christian heretics of the time – the Arians I think is the correct one – as well as being influenced by Judaism. Mo had a background in paganism, but he heard Christian preachers as well as Jews. What he did was mix the two together and came up with the BS that the archangel Gabriel visited him, and gave him the Koran… it is BS, just like Mormans and Joseph Smith is BS.

    The obvious reason that the whole thing is not holy is that Mo used the sword to gain power and to spread Islam. It was always a case of convert or die. We ignore those facts at our own peril. Mo murdered more than 800 Jews, and he captured the women and children. Christians had no choice about conversion either.

    He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.