A peek into the future of Abominablecare

This report is not about the USA but it is about the UK, but I think that it is worth reading because it is an indication of what happens when there is socialist medicine. Please note, I have never been against the idea of doctors helping the poor via pro bono services.

The UK welfare system is stretched to its limits. This is due to the increased demand placed upon it by the rise in immigration, where the immigrants do not work, but instead milk the welfare system (you can guess the kind of immigrants responsible and it will be about 90% of the problem).  The NHS system has been under fire for several years because it cannot contain costs. This in turn has led to a rise in the number of cancer patients not being diagnosed in the earliest possible stages of their disease. (I will add here, that there is always the possibility that it is not stretched resources behind the dismissal of symptoms because even here in Australia doctors have a tendency to miss those symptoms – my next oldest sister, Maureen passed away 5 years ago on May 7 as a result of bone cancer, and by the time that her cancer was discovered it was too late. She lived 6 weeks after diagnosis. Her symptoms were ignored and even to the point where one doctor told her to go home and drink plenty of water.)

The points being made in the article are quite serious because what it is indicating is that the primary care doctors are afraid of referring patients to the hospitals for a second opinion. By dismissing the symptoms these doctors are delaying what could have been less expensive treatment of cancer when diagnosed early. In other words it is a false economy that has lead to thousands dying at an early age when early detection and treatment could have been successful. It is not always the case however, since in some cases the form of cancer is very aggressive and no amount of treatment works.

However, this is also a warning for the USA that this kind of system, in the long run does not work as it was intended. The original NHS might have worked when the population was a lot lower, but with a high level of immigrants not providing taxes because they are welfare recipients, it means that the resources have become stretched to their limits.



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  1. This is very important – – –


    I don’t know who this person is, and I don’t yet necessarily agree with the conclusions, but the analysis of what is likely to happen seems unassailable.


  2. Sue, that is very good news about the Huckster being out. He would be a shocker as a POTUS, so I am very glad.


  3. Carlyle, I am not sure about the analysis. She left out South Korea and that means she has ignored a country with economic influence in that region.

    On the other hand, I do believe that China is a very sneaky nation and not to be trusted.