What really happened in 2008 – An Ulsterman report

I am still not at all certain about Ulsterman and his White House Insider. However, the first of the latest offerings is a must read. The reason is that it touches on the Chicago corruption and Valerie Jarrett. Ulsterman has tied up many of the little ends and it points in one direction.

I am of two minds about whether or not there is an Insider, but some of the information is extremely detailed with regard to the power that Valerie Jarrett pulls. On top of that, in this report, there is some stuff about Eric Holder and his role in quashing all enquiries about the corruption of both Jarrett and Øbama.

He also ties in the financial collapse, and it is no surprise to me that the man who bears a lot of responsibility for what went down is none other than Tim Geithner. Keep in mind that Geithner’s father, Peter Geithner was a colleague of Ann Dunham, and that he, like Dunham is a Marxist. There is no such thing as an accident.

Ulsterman ties this back to the collapse of Bear Stearns and the rescue package that Geithner initiated when he was head of the New York Fed. He then explains how the October surprise caught McCain on the backfoot. There was big money involved, and that money came as donations to Øbama who then screwed over those organizations when he did gain power. Of course this also leads to questions about the political donations and their size because those campaign donations are definitely troubling.

Right in the middle of this is the link to Goldman Sachs, which is the one of the big companies that has benefited from having Østupid elected.  It all ties together once you start connecting the dots.

If nothing else, Ulsterman is proving to be an investigative journalist who is starting to connect the dots relating to the most corrupt President ever to be in the White House.

5 responses to “What really happened in 2008 – An Ulsterman report

  1. I think we all know by now that Jarrett is really the President, and Barky just follows along.

    This has been reported sporadically in the blogosphere since Barky took office; he’s too much of a weenie to make any kind of decision about anything.

    I’m also of the opinion that it was Leon Panetta who gave the orders to the SEAL team to ‘go!’ Barky was in the bathroom changing his diaper; he’d *never* have the tennis balls to give an order like that.

    America is being run by puppetmasters and the puppet is incapable of making the decision whether he wants coffee or tea.



  2. Sue, the Ulsterman reports that Leon Panetta gave the go ahead and Barky was told after the fact so that he and VJ could not scuttle the mission.


  3. Right, Aussie, since Barky had to ‘sleep on’ whether or not to go. Please!

    It all comes down to a Muslim giving an order to kill another Muslim. OBL was Public Enemy #1 and Barky had to sleep on it? Jarrett put the block on the whole business until Panetta grew a pair and gave the order.

    President Indecision strikes again, but is sucking up all the credit for the raid. Pathetic.

    I just wonder whose body they dumped off the Vinson. I’m betting it wasn’t OBL’s.


  4. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    It’s obvious that when the decision to bring OBL down was given, Barry voted “present”…………………again.

    He’s a disgrace. Jimmy Carter times ten. A complete and utter failure.


  5. @IB exactly, he voted present and he went to play golf. That “staged” photo shows a man who looks extremely angry because he was dragged away from his golf game.

    He is way worse than Carter. I agree Jimmy Carter x 10 worse.