Afghan Taliban had visited Abbottabad

If you think that Pakistan was not complicit in hiding OBL then think again. Here is an interesting report from the Telegraph which claimst that members of the Taliban visited OBL in the hideaway in Abbottabad. He communicated with a number of his followers by their visits. The person who gave the information is a Taliban leader who is considered a reliable source and who last visited OBL 2 years ago.

It is unbelievable to think that OBL was hiding in plain sight, and who had members of the Taliban visiting him, without the Pakistan military or the ISI knowing what was going on at their backdoor step. 

Somebody big was sheltering OBL at that location. The real giveaway has been a comment from the youngest wife, a Yemeni woman, who stated that Pakistan officials escorted her back in about 2003 and sent her home. This was about the time that OBL was hiding in the Tora Boras. It would seem that someone very high up in the ISI or the military was tipping off OBL, and that is how he escaped from the Tora Boras.

My money has been on Musharaf as the person who was assisting OBL, but I could be wrong. There is another name, someone who had been in charge of the ISI for a very short time, that has surfaced. It is more than likely that this is the person who was sheltering OBL and who set him up in Abbottabad under the noses of the military.

Pakistan has become increasingly militant and there has been a very dramatic rise in Islamisation of Pakistan. At the same time the Pakistan Taliban is intent upon seizing control of the government. If they succeed, they will do the same as the Afghanistan Taliban, where women are not allowed to work, and the hospitals where women give birth will become run down. It will also mean that any woman not wearing that weird get-up called a burka will be punished with beatings, or have acid thrown in their faces, as well as being seized from the streets, taken to prison and being tortured.


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  1. Re taking out Bin Ladin. My “conspiracy du jour” is that this whole scenario was additionally scripted to give the Chinese access to that high tech helicopter. Pakistan, from what I hear, is evidently selling the downed copter to China. Obummer knew he couldn’t just “sell” China any advanced technology as Clinton did…so this was how it could be accomplished without reflecting back on him. (Sad, but this is what it has come to…I no longer take anything at face value re Obummer and his regime .)


  2. I do not believe that it was scripted like that when the whole thing happened. However, Pakistan has been cosying up with China and yes Pakistan is scripting this so that they give the helicopter to the Chinese.
    It is a very bad move.
    Østupid does not have the smarts to try and pull off something like that. The fact is that he very likely did not order the raid but had to sign off on it.


  3. You might be interested in this report:

    It looks like Lurch has gotten Pakistan to agree to the return of the helicopter tail. So there will be no selling off the item to China.


  4. Dang, Aussie. Ruined a perfectly good conspiracy by shining the light of truth on it!!! Now if only you could do the same to Obummer.


  5. @kiltie, I am up against the complicit LSM. I know that Østupid is corrupt. However, if the LSM will not report the truth…


  6. Cabby - AZ

    This is some OT, but very serious business:

    Obama’s Newest Ambush
    On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that while Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in Washington next week, and before the premier has a chance to give his scheduled address to a joint session of Congress, Obama will give a new speech to the Arab world.

    In that speech, Obama will praise the populist movements that have risen up against Arab tyrannies and embrace them as the model for the future.

    As for Israel, the report claimed that the Obama administration is still trying to decide whether the time is right to put the screws on Israel once more.
    Read more:


  7. Cabby - AZ

    While we are occupied (and rightly so) with matters here at home, Obama is, as usual, going about his work of destabilizing Israel and lauding her enemies. This is extremely bad for America and the rest of the world.


  8. When that speech is given you need to look for the code words.