AGW – look behind the curtain

As you are aware, I am one of many who does not believe the AGW scaremongering. To put it politely AGW is nothing more than a scam. The IPCC is totally discredited, and the research that has been dished out in the form of IPCC reports is totally worthless. On the other hand, I accept and acknowledge that there was a genuine need to: clean up the river systems, to reduce those pollutants that caused a smog haze over our cities, and the need for good husbandry practices. I think that all this talk about renewables is crap, and on top of that I disagree with the the scam known as eco-farming, including the “eco cotton, eco wool etc.”

Hot Air has an article that breaks down some of what lies behind the scam known as climate change and AGW but without mentioning the name of Al Gore. Of course, Al Gore is only one of the players who is making packets of money out of the promotion of the scam known as AGW… but I digress from the point that I want to make.

Something that caught my eye in the article was not the science (and the article does a good job of explaining why the whole thing is nonsense), but the political aspects of AGW. We need to look behind the curtain to reveal the puppet masters who are at work. The political side of this scam relates to a transfer of wealth from alleged rich countries to wasteful third world nations. On top of that the politicians who are pushing the AGW scam seem to like the idea of a one world government.

Up until 2009 I had been somewhat of a sceptic on the subject of “one world government”. I continue to have my doubts about some of the scenarios that I have read, but at the same time I have opened my mind and my eyes and have discovered that one name keeps popping up. The man sounds like an evil James Bond character, something along the lines of Gold Finger. That man is George Soros. He is the man who “broke the Bank of England” and who was convicted of insider trading in France. He is described as a philanthropist, but that is not necessarily true because the money he provides has strings attached. He desires power, and above all he wants to destroy nations such as the USA. 

Ever since the setting up of the United Nations, (one could argue that it goes back as far as the setting up of the League of Nations) as well as the IMF and other world bodies, there has been a tendency for some to push for World Wide Government. Looking behind the curtain, one finds not only George Soros, but Prime Minister Putin of Russia, plus Brazil, China, India and a few other nations. It is Russia that has proposed a world wide currency unit – this was a proposal that has its genesis at the Bretton Woods meetings during the Second World War.  The IMF exists to help troubled nations, and for the most part their rescues have been somewhat successful… with the exception of Japan. Here is where another name pops up… Timothy Geithner.  

However, keep looking behind the curtain because there is a link between George Soros, the IMF and the Copenhagen conference in November 2009. Here is one report on what George Soros was proposing:

George Soros, the billionaire currency speculator, has proposed the creation of a $100 billion fund to help the world’s poorest countries to cope with global warming — and he says that it need not cost anyone a penny.

Mr Soros announced his plan today at the Copenhagen climate change summit, at which the issue of how much money the Third World should get and who will hold the purse strings has emerged as a key sticking point in negotiations for a global deal.

Mr Soros told delegates and activists that he had found a way to “bridge the gap” by using foreign-exchange reserves issued by the International Monetary Fund that are lying unused in the reserve accounts of rich nations. He said that the resulting fund would be entirely additional to money already being raised at Copenhagen and would not add at all to national debts.

“Developed countries’ governments are labouring under the misapprehension that funding has to come from the national budgets, but that is not the case,” he said. “They have it already: it is lying idle in their reserves accounts and in the vaults of the International Monetary Fund.”

His plan involves using Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which is liquidity funding issued by the IMF pegged to a basket of major currencies. The IMF issued $283 billion (£174 billion) of SDRs to governments in September this year in response to the global financial crisis, but Mr Soros said that more than $150 billion of that money remained untouched in the reserve accounts of the 15 biggest economies.

The reason for that is that SDRS are essentially a notional currency, giving governments the right to draw down on IMF funds. When they are drawn, they start to incur interest, currently less than 0.5 per cent, but Mr Soros said that the interest payments could be covered from IMF gold reserves.

Mr Soros called it an “off-balance sheet solution” that could be used for for high-impact projects such as reforestation and land-use reforms and which could even become self-financing if it is properly run.

He said that political will was needed to transform what is officially liquidity funding — intended to stop the world’s money markets drying up — as financing money. France and Britain had already set a precedent when they announced that each would mobilise $2 billion of SDRs for a fund to help the least-developed countries to get through the financial crisis. China and Russia also used SDRs to contribute to a $1 trillion fiscal stimulus package agreed at the G20 meeting in London earlier this year.

A more insuperable hurdle, Mr Soros said, would be the fact that the US would need congressional approval to donate any American-held SDRs, which would be virtually impossible to obtain even for a pressing international cause such as climate change. He said that he had had informal discussions with US officials and “while there is sympathy for the plan, the difficulty of getting congressional approval has been emphasised”.

However, that obstacle need not derail the project. Mr Soros said that there were still enough unused SDRS around to raise the $100 billion without US involvement.

How the fund would be administered is an open question, but Mr Soros said that it could be largely self-financing, acting as a seed fund for green projects over a 25-year period and exploiting future carbon markets to generate more capital.

Fortunately most national governments were not interested in the Soros plan. This particular plan is nothing more than a sleight of hand, which would transfer massive wealth from first world nations to third world nations. The proposal would not be a legitimate use of the SDRs. My own understanding of these SDRs, which is the same as the Australian banks Statutory Reserve Deposits, is that those funds are placed there as a “just in case” so that the banks can draw down on the funds when there is a liquidity crisis. To use this money for other purposes, such as giving it to third world nations would defeat the purpose of the SDRs.

Looking behind the curtain means finding all of the players who prefer to remain hidden from sight whilst they do their plotting and planning. There is a common thread – Marxism. How many of these people are Socialist, or worse… Marxists? When the curtain is pulled back on the AGW scam it reveals Marxism and the push to turn the world into a Marxist state.


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  1. Other News:

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    Security forces have arrested two people suspected of being members of al Qaeda near the Libyan border who were carrying an explosives belt and several bombs, a security source told Reuters on Sunday. The men, thought to be members of al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM), were arrested near Ramada in the south of the country.

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  2. Forgot this one:
    CHICAGO: The trial of Pakistan-born Canadian citizen Tahawwur Rana, co-accused with David Headley in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, could reveal ISI’s links to terrorists and any evidence of spy agency’s “malfeasance” would worsen US-Pakistan relations.


  3. This is the trial where David Headley is the witness and he will be detailing the ISI links. I wrote a post but did not mention Tahawwur Rana by name, I only mentioned what Headley stated about involvement of the ISI.


  4. @CRB, I wonder if they were getting the weapons from Daffy Duck.

    The reason is that Daffy pretends to be anti-al Qaeda but in that border with Tunisia Daffy is in control.


  5. The story on the Afghanistan chief is worth a follow-up. He indicates that the Pakistani officials denied that OBL was in that location – interesting. It points the finger directly at Pakistan, but Karazai is not off the hook either.