Food for thought – check out who the White House wants as Republican nominee

As you are aware, as an Australian, I have a different take on who might be considered a good Republican candidate for the Presidential race in 2012. So far you have:

Tim Pawlenty: Tim who?, boring, yawn, laughs at his own bad jokes. He is supposed to be a fiscal conservative.

Herman Cain: Now he is da man!!  Keep an eye on Mr. Cain. A good challenger because Østupid cannot pull the race card. To do so would make DNC look like total hypocrites (which they are anyway).

Jon Huntsman:  How green is my cactus?  Seriously, who needs a Republican version of Østupid? This man would be that version.

Newt Gingrich: watermelons anyone? Newt has many good credentials but a lot of baggage to overcome. He is one man who could take the fight up to Østupid and defeat him.

Mitt Romney (has not declared yet I believe): If Mitt had been attacking over the past few years then he would stand a better chance of people a good choice. His reluctance to speak up really says a lot about him.

Sarah Palin (another dark horse): I honestly believe that Sarah has been the only one to tackle the many errors of the Østupid regime. She has been gutsy despite the arrows that the DNC keeps slinging in her direction. Once she declares her momentum could change. (It is on the wane at present). She has not officially declared but she has made noises as though she will declare.

Gary Johnson: Gary who? I have heard him speak. He is boring. Forget it, he will not win.

Ron Paul: too extreme to be even considered as a real potential candidate. There are many things that I do not like with regard to RP including the fact that he tends to pretend that he is conservative, but he is not true to the Constitution no matter what you think. If he was true then he would have been bold enough to make that challenge about the eligibility due to the NBC (not the birth certificate) issue. He refused to do that, and outright said that he would not do that challenge. He would be really bad for the USA when it comes to foreign relations. One could call him a dream candidate for Ahmanutjob and the Grand Pooh-bah.

Who does the White House fear the most out of these potential candidates? I would guess that they fear both Herman Cain and Sarah Palin. They do not fear any of the others, including Mitch Daniels, Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney.

Now it seems that the Bush clique favour Mitch Daniels, and the White House is pushing for Mitch Daniels. Ann Althouse has a post up on the subject, where she indicates what Rush Limbaugh had to say on this very subject. Now, think for a moment, why would the White House want to push Mitch Daniels? Here is a good reason: His divorce and remarriage to the same woman. Yes, that is correct. Østupid could attempt to pull the same trick that he used in the past by getting the Daniels divorce records released which would no doubt embarrass both Mitch Daniels and his wife. I have no doubt that the White House and the DNC are going to look for a way to embarrass any potential Republican challenger and Mitch Daniels presents as the best candidate in that respect.  It would be a really, really bad mistake for Mitch Daniels to end up as the nominee.




2 responses to “Food for thought – check out who the White House wants as Republican nominee

  1. What do you mean “different take”? That was brilliant and spot-on. Even your comments about Newt. He certainly keeps stepping in cowpies. He could very easily self-destruct — soon. I keep a positive outlook only for the reason you mention. He has experience, knowledge, and gravitas. No matter what you think of him, he may be the ONLY Repub who can stand up to the Obama juggernaut.

    In which case, do we swallow our dislike and try to win or do we stand on idealism and purity and lose?

    Our great thinker William F. Buckley had a theory on that.

    Of course it’s too early to have to take that medicine. But I claim on the other hand it is too early to jettison him either.


  2. Carlyle, I actually think that Herman Cain would beat Østupid hands down on many issues, especially economic ones. I do not know enough about Herman Cain when it comes to international matters. However, I am very impressed with what I have seen.

    Also, my different take is due to the fact that I look to the international aspects of the US Presidency. Anyone in that role should be able to be firm with such people as Khamenei and Ahmahnutjob. The USA does not need to be a world policeman, however, when there is a need for action or at least a need to speak out against human rights abuses then the POTUS needs to be one who is firm and not a hypocrite.