Besides pretending Herman Cain does not exist, who does the MSM fear as a contender in 2012?

The answer of course is Sarah Palin. This comes from the Daily Caller, and once again points up the misogyny of Hardball’s Mr Tingles-up-the-leg. He claims that Sarah Palin has not done the homework, that she is stupid and has not taken any possible candidacy seriously. On which planet does Tingles reside?

Of all of the potential candidates, only Sarah Palin has taken it right up to Østupid on a variety of issues. Rather than being one who has not done her homework, Sarah has been busy on a number of fronts. On top of that she has had to fend off some extremely vicious attacks. Her family has suffered from the impact of those attacks. They also attack her youngset son, Trig, because he has Downs Syndrome. The most stupid of the attackers continue the claim that Trig belongs to Bristol, which of course is physically impossible, since Trig was born in April, and Bristol gave birth to her own son in December. Some DNC types simply do not know how to do Math.

My guess here is that the DNC have told Matthews to go after Palin at every opportunity because they continue to see her candidacy as a real threat to Østupid in 2012. At the same time they have obviously put out the meme that Herman Cain is to be ignored by the LSM, and that they should play up the dreck candidates such as Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels, as well as Mittens Romney who thinks it is his turn to be the Republican candidate.


4 responses to “Besides pretending Herman Cain does not exist, who does the MSM fear as a contender in 2012?

  1. Thanks Aussie. You don’t get MSNBC, but the nasty sneers on their faces tell the whole story. It’s disgusting. They have obviously been successful in their smearing of Palin as I have my own doubts about her capacity to do the job of POTUS. As you know, I grew up 40 miles south of her. I have friends who know her and her family. They are exploiting her family to make her seem like a circus act. The people I know that know her, trusts her implicitly. The level of attacks against her are far worse than anything Obama has had to go through.

    I believe that Herman Cain will dish it right back to them harder than these nasty people can give it. This election cycle is going to be brutal.


  2. Paxson, they are doing Sarah a favour by constantly dishing it out. She fights back in her own way and people do notice.

    The best way is to listen to what she says when she responds to Østupid. He is the really dumb one. Sarah has a college degree t00; it is in journalism.

    These creeps constantly bring up the Palin family and when we say anything they turn around and blame Sarah. Well it is time that people just recognized that it is not Sarah pushing her family into the limelight, it is paid operatives for the DNC!!


  3. Hi Aussie, i am so glad i found your webside, its been some time that i’m not commenting on Hillbuzz, no reason really, everything its happening is discusting,right before i started browsing hillbuzz i went to another webside i’m shure you probebly gone there the name is uslerman i hope i spelled it right, anyway someone by the name of (and another thing) had an article up bashing Sarah,i couldn’t help myself i wrote ,i’m sorry but you are very nasty, he or she had Sarah’s family picture in the webside.
    Anyways i am so glad you have your own webside.
    Take care


  4. Nahid, I have seen those “And another thing” posts. The woman is making up crap. She is lying about Ulsterman, and she is lying about Palin.
    It is so bad that I when I see that she has posted I will not even look at what she has written.. that is because there is simply no truth.

    On the other hand, Ulsterman is very plausible and on top of that he does not always post about White House Insider. His other posts are normally a very good analysis that shows he is a very competent journalist.