Good luck Gabriella

The latest news on Gabriella Giffords is that she is to undergo an operation to replace a part of her skull that was removed after a bullet went into her brain.

As you are aware, Mark, her husband is the captain of the space shuttle that just blasted into space.

Gabriella has been undergoing rehabilitation in Houston Texas, to help her speech and to help her to walk again.

My prayers are with Ms. Giffords with regard to her forthcoming operation, and of course for the safe return of her husband from outer space.


I just found a link to very detailed information about the bullet wound to Gabriella’s head, as well as the operation that is required. This reports indicates that she has had the operation and that she is in intensive care. The fact that they have done the operation now means that the brain swelling has gone down. This is very good news with regard to her full recovery.


3 responses to “Good luck Gabriella

  1. Well said, Aussie. She is a courageous woman.


  2. She may be doing “extremely well” CONSIDERING the type of injury she had. But my guess is that she is severely (and visibly) debilitated. Otherwise, why has there been such great lengths to keep her hidden. Sad, but true, I fear.


  3. Carlyle you are probably right because that extremely distasteful individual who writes at Wonkette wrote an extremely disgusting piece about Ms Giffords and he said some extremely disgusting and cruel things.

    Personally, I do not care for the type of person who would talk in that disgusting fashion when it comes to what some people have to go through because of the actions of others.

    Ms. Giffords remains in my thoughts at this point in time. I continue to pray for her recovery.