The birth issue has not gone away

Here is the latest claim that states that the BC presented, this time by Østupid and not one of his minions, is a fraud.

Even though my own analysis was extremely shallow, and totally based upon what I could see with the naked eye, there have been others who have thrown the PDF file into Photoshop and have discovered a number of discrepancies that point to the likelihood of fraud. For my own part I am still astounded that something like that could be considered a valid copy… and I base it solely on that little black spot in the corner, that is there to make it look like the document was copied from a bound volume. I still think based on that alone, it is a fake.

However, this latest claim has come from someone who is in the business of selling scanners and scanner software. There is a lot of detail in the report and it is well worth having a look at the analysis that has been given. The author supports the conclusions of others who have pointed out the inconsistencies within this document.

I should have added here that it is not where he was born that matters, it is “who are his parents” that matters. His mother was too young to confer American citizenship, and his father, a Kenyan, and British citizen, according to British law conferred British citizenship upon him. This means that he cannot possibly meet the stringent requirement of being a Natural born citizen.

Natural Born Citizen is not the same as being native born. My cousins who have an Australian citizen mother are not natural born citizens but they are native born citizens. As such they are not eligible to run for the office of the President of the United States. The same is true for Østupid. He is not eligible because of the citizenship status of his father. He has a dual allegiance as a result of that status, and he had dual citizenship at birth. As such he does not meet that stringent requirement of parents being citizens.


3 responses to “The birth issue has not gone away

  1. Thanks Aussie. I read that analysis. It nearly brings a tear to my eye with what our country has become due to a press that is absolutely useless, and/or have a clear agenda.


  2. Interested Bystander


    Thank you very much for linking this IMPORTANT information.

    I am DISGUSTED that the media isn’t reporting this.

    It really is sad that the “sheeple” allow themselves to be indoctrinated.


  3. IB the LSM is still very much in the tank for the forger and fraud.