The bun fight begins

Al Qaeda have named an interim successor to OBL. The man named is the Egyptian Saif al-Adel, who was also a close associate of OBL. The point to make here is that this Egyptian, which might be an indication that AQ has its sights on Egypt once again.

To reiterate some of the history of this terrorist organization, OBL had been linked with the radical wing of MB prior to forming AQ. Saif al-Adel was also a part of that terrorist organization. It is probable that Saif al-Adel was also the person behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat. The focus of OBL and AQ was originally to take control in Egypt. OBL had also dreamed of ousting the Saudi royals and there have been plenty of attacks by AQ in Saudi Arabia.

However, these days, AQ is split into factions that have formed in these ME countries – there are branches in Yemen, Algeria and Iraq. It also seems that AQ would like to be active in Libya (and some of their members have been trying to cross the border via Tunisia). On top of that there are cells in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, as well as in Pakistan. Then there is the relationship between the Afghanistan Taliban and the Pakistan Taliban to AQ. I should add here that there have been reports that the Afghanistan Taliban are attempting to distance themselves from AQ and the legacy of OBL (which I find interesting).

The AQ contingent in Libya is quite small when compared to the other protester-rebels who are attempting to oust Daffy Duck.  However, the Daffy Duck regime has muddied the waters with claims that he has been attempting to get rid of “thugs and members of AQ” when in fact the people that he has been killing are civilians. This is despite the fact that there are some Islamists who are fighting for their own lives and the lives of their families and friends. (time will tell if they have reformed when Daffy is finally dispatched from the country).

With all of these factions, it would seem that AQ now need a leader who will focus bringing the disparate groups together. The naming of an Egyptian might indicate that they are attempting to strengthen their influence in that country now that there is a void in the country’s leadership. It also means that neither Al-Awlaki or Zahawrihi have the numbers to gain the top spot now that OBL is dead. 


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  1. Aussie, I’m quite familiar with Australian vernacular but not sure of what a “bun fight” is…can you elaborate? Also, I know you are busy but we’ve had some good conversations over at friends of CW. Would Love to see you there.

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  2. @Paxson, no I am not going anywhere near Friends of CW. I have my reasons.

    “bun fight” – think cream pies being thrown, or maybe fireworks.


  3. Thanks for the definition. Sorry to hear about focw, I’m sure your reasons Are valid. Thanks again for your valuable insight here at your place. I’m always here, just not always commenting.


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  5. @Chicago Cubs, I never said that I hated the other blog. However, there are reasons why I am not going near that blog.