Doing the “flip-flop” – Romney style

Mittens Romney believes that it is his turn to compete for the presidency in 2012. The problem with Romney is not that he is a Mormon (which will see him rejected in some circles) but that he loves to do the “flip-flop”.  This is a constant criticism of Mittens Romney.

One such critic of the Romney flip-flop is Michael F. Cannon who has written an opinion on the subject of that flip-flopping. Here is an example:

Mitt Romney’s reversals on abortion, gay marriage, gun control, campaign finance and immigration leave one with the impression that when Mitt Romney is with you, he’s with you. At least until he leaves the room.

Romney’s latest trick is to make his stunning reversal on government-run health care look like a non-reversal. It’s not working.

Cannon then provides an analysis of Romney’s positions on healthcare and how he defends what he helped to put in place. Please read the whole thing. It is food for thought… and it points up why Romney should not be the Republican candidate in 2012.

My money remains on Herman Cain and Sarah Palin.


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