Fukushima Update: Latest from Brave New Climate

Barry has a new thread relating to the updates coming out of Fukushima. Some of the information is quite technical. However, the post is easy to read and it is worth reading to get some idea of what is really happening without the LSM hype.

I did read about the worker at the plant who recently died, and in this post there is a clarification – one that I did not see via any LSM report – the worker was in his 60s. He did not have high exposure to radiation. He died of a heart attack. I feel certain that the alarmists will not want you to know that the man died of such natural causes.

One other little detail that I noted is that it has now emerged that the earthquake might have damaged reactor nr 1. It has not been proved though. Instead what they have found is that the fuel rods were exposed for something like 17 hours and this has caused the core meltdown that has been discovered. I need to emphasise here that most of this is new data, it is detail that was not released at the height of the crisis in the nuclear power plant, but it is being released now that they have had a chance to assess the buildings for damage, as well as assessing how long it will take to achieve cold shut-down.


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