The new Jerome Corsi book – review by Jack Cashill

American Thinker has an article from Jack Cashill that is a review of Jerome Corsi’s new book. (I also saw a spoof article that claimed the book had been pulled written by someone with an ugly mind but will not be linking to such small-minded trash). The book itself steps through the issues surrounding the cover up of Østupid’s lack of eligibility to be POTUS.  Please keep in mind that I consider the issue of NBC to outweigh the birth certificate controversy, and this issue of NBC has not been adequately addressed. Being born in the USA does not make the usurper eligible to be POTUS.

Please spend the time to read the article from Jack Cashill because he raises a number of good questions relating to the hidden records.

I remain one person who is not convinced that what was released is genuine. This seemingly innocuous document does not explain why Østupid has gone to such lengths to keep it from public view. However, there are many questions that have remained unresolved because all of the relevant records including school records from Hawaii through to Harvard have not been released. We have absolutely no way of knowing whether Østupid was the child prodigy, or whether someone sat for his exams. There are other questions such as who paid for his fees that have remained unanswered.

Amongst the outstanding issues are: the visit to Pakistan in 1981. Who paid for his airfaire? What passport did he use? Was it an Indonesian one? What was his citizenship status after he was adopted in Indonesia?  Was this reversed? Why is it that in Indonesia he was known as Barry Soetoro? Was the Indonesian adoption recognized in Hawaii? Is this why they have forged a new document?

If the American Embassy in Jakarta was notified of the adoption, and that is possible since Østupid’s name was struck from his mother’s passport indicating that he was no longer considered as an American citizen at the time, then that means that Hawaii was also notified. If that is the case, then in all likelihood it means that his original birth certificate was altered to reflect the adoption. I actually think that he has the original altered certificate, which explains why he had made the statement that upon his father’s death neither he nor his mother could prove their relationship status for any claim to the estate. In other words, the real name is Barry Soetoro or Soebarkah, as was listed on his mother’s passport application.

I am inclined to accept the INS documents relating to his father, and that he was born in Hawaii but I do not accept that he was born in Kaopolani hospital. It could have been a home birth, which would explain some of the discrepancy. At the same time I believe that Neil Abercrombie lied when he made the claims about seeing the baby, or the parents together, because evidence has been provided that Ann went to Washington state not long after the birth of her son, and that she took up studies at the university in Seattle.


6 responses to “The new Jerome Corsi book – review by Jack Cashill

  1. I am like you, I do not believe a thing from this WH..But I will say this, I think you don’t hear much from Washington, because they dropped the ball..They were afraid to question Obama when he ran, because of race..McCain had a chance and Palin wanted to question the birth business, but they wouldn’t do that..Well, now look at the mess we have with this man in the White House that doesn’t care a bit about America..yet the press still gives him a free pass..It is all very frightening when you see the damage he has done in just two years..but he has an agenda here and people better wake up or America will never be the same.


  2. I find it very disturbing that Corsi was “dropped” from Hannity at the last minute.


  3. That man is an absolute disaster zone.


  4. Carlyle, disturbing yes. Unexpected? Not really. I am getting to the point that I am about to add Hannity to my list of Beck and O’Reilly. Levine is not far behind, but I at least respect him. Michael Savage is about the only pure thinker out there.


  5. Bottom Line:
    BC fake or not, it still documents his father as BO Sr. a foreign national having no US Citizenship nor Resident Alien Status. Therefore The O is not a NBC. This has always been the debate from the beginning, not the geographical place of birth.


  6. @CRB… Bingo….
    Yes, it documents BO Sr as the father and that most definitely means he is not NBC, just like my American cousins.