Rick Perry – Presidential candidate?

I have heard of Governor Perry but know very little about some of his positions. Here is an opportunity to chime in on what you know about him as Governor. In particular it would be helpful to mention his stance on border security, since that will become even more urgent now that Østupid has given that ridiculous speech.

In the meantime, I found this article, and again, I would like to hear your opinions on the issues raised. Would Rick Perry make the kind of candidate that could defeat the worst POTUS ever?

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  1. Hey, y’all – I said lots of candidates now is good. Let’s have a good rough and tumble and lots of views.

    I just remain concerned about unnecessarily polarizing rhetoric (“I will NEVER vote for a RINO”). I don’t know the exact percentage but it feels like about half the party comprises Tea Partiers, economic hawks, constitutionalists, Christian Nationers, and the like. Whereas the other half comprises RINOS, “moderates”, pragmatists, compromisers, religious tolerants, etc. I see these two groups coalescing for a war against EACH OTHER. There was a little of that last time – prominent Republicans badmouthing and refusing to support McCain – even after the Primaries and Conventions. I see it headed worse with all this “I will never” rhetoric from both sides.

    In this, the worst political crisis of our nation’s history, we cannot afford this division. Like no other time it is essential to pull together. WINNING IS EVERYTHING. In which case the electable candidate will be far less than perfect to most voters.

    Rather than focusing on ideological purity, we’ve got to focus on what you can sell to the other half of the party. They, likewise. In which case, BY DEFINITION, the winning candidate will be a “compromise”. But – and here is the crux of the matter – that candidate will be FAR BETTER than the incumbent. That is going to have to be good enough.

    I am not suggesting that we jettison anybody right now – even people on my unelectable list. Let them run. Let them speak. I just hope to caution people to not get so emotionally invested that when it comes down to having to focus on the final nominee that we will not be able to make a rational mature (and winning decision).

    In reverse, I am VERY ALARMED about the willingness of many of you to dismiss out of hand, right now, certain candidates.


  2. Cabby - AZ

    Carlyle | May 25, 2011 at 2:03 am |
    Carlyle, I don’t really disagree with what you have expressed; however, I think we have to remember that right now we are in the very beginning of the primary season. This IS the time to rally around those we support and reject those we don’t want. This procedure tends to “purify” the selection.

    Then later as we approach showdown time, there will, I believe, be a willingness among us to accept whoever is emerging as the standard bearer. We will HAVE to if we are to win over O. That’s where the pragmatism comes in. My sense is that the majority of conservative voters will come to that realization.

    But until then let the fur fly. Let’s have the debates, the scrutiny….let’s get it out on the table. Isn’t that part of the process? It will take awhile to come full circle. It is going to be a long, difficult time, imo.


  3. Sharon in VA

    Sorry it took so long to get back to reading the responses…..just a couple of points that I would like to make……I agree with a lot of what all of you have said….I think fire in the belly is going to be VERY important this election season…not only in the candidates, but also the “fire” they can inspire in the voters….that is an EXCELLENT way to state it.

    Carlyle, I am sorry if you took my BS statement personally, I didn’t mean it that way….this s/he isn’t “electable” has been going around for months from many sources, not just you…and I DO think it’s BS. Perhaps that is just the political “novice” in me showing, but I tend to think that WHOEVER the people want is “electable”…I don’t really give much weight to, and take some offence at, the “republican establishment telling us that someone is “unelectable” to try and convince us to give up on them….and go for THEIR pre-approved choice….which doesn’t generate much excitement, when their policies barely make them discernable from the “competition.”

    Carlyle, the point you made about Sharron Angle not winning, when she SHOULD have….is a good one…I admit….and would seem to offer credence to the “unelectable” arguement, but I don’t THINK it really does…yes, it was an important race and folks should have been sending more money to her campaign etc…..BUT….you also have to realize that we had MANY new Tea Party Candidates running who we wanted to support. And some who, if I recall correctly, the RNC didn’t want to support with any money sent to THEM rather than the candidates themselves.

    Hopefully, with a Presidential Campaign..our donations won’t be so “diluted” and widespread…..and I KNOW Herman Cain is going to need MONEY…we need to put that where our mouth (heart) is…..if everyone who supports him would just get started with $10..or $25 or whatever they could afford….if sent by millions….would be a GREAT START..and would be what we have to do to show the Republican “Establishment” that he IS “electable”, if we would work and knock on doors etc, we’d GIVE him name recognition etc.. ..well, not just Cain, he is just my personal favorite right now…but ANYBODY who is not “establishment” that we “support”.

    In any case, I think this Country is on the brink of something exciting…so much has been revealed to us thanks to the internet, and other sources, and like me..so many have gotten off their/our butts and gotten involved for the first time…. and it APPEARS that we have been electing the “same players” over and over again….and NOTHING is being accomplished as far as meaningful “change” in the freedom destroying politics as usual.

    Obama had a pretty effective message in his “Hope and Change”…many people ignored the warning flags because they were so caught up in that message…..they were losing “HOPE” and they wanted a “Change” in politics as usual. Personally, I think we are losing a BIG chance if all we can offer is a “change back”…BETTER????? DEFINITELY!! But disappointing…not offering a lot of “hope” for any meaningful “change” in “politics as usual.”

    And perhaps I am really naive….I will admit that, but Carlyle, I honestly think that you are overestmating Obama, and underestmating the American People…. WHO CARES if he gets a billion dollars from Soros and the unions?!! When he is an EPIC FAILURE and many who supported him in 2008 want him the HECK out of the Office now?..hell, he supposedly took down OBL with his own two hands and got a “little, short lived bump” in his approval ratings..LET THEM waste their money!! WE need to keep on top of things and make sure he is not using taxpayer money for his campaign….but, other than THAT….LET them waste it…..the American People can’t be bought….we see through his mask now….the MAJORITY of us do!!!..the leftist Air America….Out of Business!! MSNBC…their ratings PALE in comparison to FOX news, the liberal “rags” are going under…..Obama has played his hand, he’s shown his wares and we are NOT buying!!!! We could almost run Mickey Mouse and win against him…we don’t NEED to run another RINO. We don’t NEED to raise a billion dollars…we just need to raise “awareness” of The Constitution and what our Country stands for…and how different life could be if we stopped all these UnConstitutional, money draining policies and agencies…we need to raise HOPE that we CAN start to “heal” our Country…we need someone who can light that fire in our bellies to get involved and not give up.

    If the “Republicans” will offer us that kind of candidate….the Marxist Commies would be ( Dr. Kate’s word) obliterated. They really WOULD!!! The “Constitutional Republicans” would not have to worry about losing power for many years to come.

    IF all they can offer us is another RINO, I fear that we will continue with this back and forth that has gone on for generations..with nothing meaningful being accomplished….many of us will give up hope and go back to ignoring politics….I am even going out on a limb and saying….I would prefer that Obama win again ( as long as we can take the Senate, and keep the House) so that we will STAY involved, rather than give up hope and go back to sleep….I know, I feel a little like slapping my OWN face myself for saying that…..but, honestly…..it is not that bad of a way to feel when you are considering that we are on the verge of losing our American way of life due to “politics as usual”..IMHO, that is.


  4. At least Cain is an American.


  5. I know that people keep throwing up the Sharron Angle example, however, I think that one problem with using her as an example is that there was cheating in Nevada.

    There were early reports that the machines were conveniently coming up with the D nominations instead of the R, even when people were punching the R candidates. This means the results were highly questionable.

    On the other hand, Sharron Angle was indeed an example of someone who came over as a bit of an airhead because of some of the things that she said. Regardless, it was doubtful that she could take the seat when Harry Reid’s machine is full of cheaters.


  6. Sharon in VA

    When I left this blog and checked my e-mail, I got something from Newsmax that seems to prove Cabby’s point..that the Republican nominee is goign to HAVE to have the support of the Conservatives, and the tea party.
    Here’s the link:



  7. Has anyone read this about Sarah Palin?
    Palin’s Secret Weapon: New Film to Premiere in June


    Comment – I like Sarah Palin and agree with what she stands for; however, somehow since 2008 I have had doubts based on her seemingly apparent lack of gravitas at times. After reading the above article, I believe it is possible that the perception that has been created the last couple of years could be combatted successfully in the eyes of the voting public.


  8. Dang, Cabby, you beat me to it. I posted this also before I read your post here. But you have precedence by a few minutes!


  9. Cabby - AZ

    Carlyle | May 26, 2011 at 5:04 am |
    No problem at all, Carlyle! That news can bear posting more than once, especially when there are different threads here to choose from.

    BTW, isn’t it great to be able to share views here at Aussie’s in the manner of the last couple of days without harassment? None of us is trying to “win” a debate, but only to get things off of our chests, so to speak, in a friendly forum without “outside” interference and abuse.

    I really know of very few blogs, if any, that are conducive to this type and level of exchange. It was awful there for awhile when you had disappeared. It seemed that the end of meaningful communication had all but disappeared. Thanks again, Aussie, for providing the means, and thanks to you, Carlyle, for being here!


  10. Sharon in VA

    To Cabby:

    HIGH 5 to your whole post. I am really excited to learn of the movie about Sarah coming out….this seems to be a PERFECT way to “clear her record, and state her cause” LOVE the IDEA!!

    And as to your last two paragraphs….yea, what Cabby said is how I feel too.

    Carlyle, I hope you know that I would not even have responded to you in the first place if I didn’t value your judgement and point of view so much. My responses got a little more “passionate” than I intended…I think Cabby stated it well…..getting it off my chest. At NO time while I was typing, was I EVER thinking…that I was directing arguements at you personally, and I hope you don’t take it that way. I was more arguing with “The idea of”….
    I hope you understand that.


  11. Cabby, thank you for your comments. All of you are living up to the purpose of creating this blog – it is to provide a forum of ideas without the accusation of being called an Øbot, or a Hillarybot, or any other kind of bot, when obviously we are all people with a point of view.

    As you are aware I got pounded over my comments about Fukushima. I continue to not take back my original assessment because no one knew the real extent of the damage, and my own inclination was that it was worse than Chernobyl as far as damage is concerned. The person on those threads who was hammering me was blaming GE over a 1960s design. This in my view was stupid and it remains stupid. The truth is that the site chosen for the reactor was wrong. It was too close to the sea and it was right on the fault line.
    In reading the reports about what is happening, I have had to decipher the alarmism found in the media and then tried to put a less alarmist comment together. This is because there were two separate events – the earthquake (the reactors commenced the shutdown as soon as the earthquake hit) followed by the second event, the tsunami. It was the tsunami that did the major damage and it was the tsunami that was responsible for the events that took place afterwards including the partial melt down of the core in each of the 3 reactors.
    I guess one could say that the alarmists live off the propaganda of the movie “The China Syndrome” because the situation was never going to be that bad.
    Also, even though the event was worse than Chernobyl, the type of reactor meant that the impact was less than Chernobyl. There has not been one death as a result of the the nuclear accident. Yes, a man has died – of a heart attack and he was more than 60 years old.


  12. Cabby - AZ

    At times when there is such an extreme event as Fukushima, it seems that there is an immediate frenzy that develops among some who feed on shock and fear on the internet. The word spreads fast among the adherents of these sensational “reporters” and somehow some folks are so willing to believe anything they hear rather than seek out the real truth.

    That’s where you (as well as some others) have provided an invaluable service by scouring the news reports for reliable information and then bringing it to us in understandable form. It is a time-consuming and often difficult job, I can imagine.

    My mind reluctantly goes “over yonder” to the way we were inundated by unending horror stories a year ago about the gulf disaster. Even among the multitude of fearmongers there were vacillations and variations. We were “treated” to one version after another. Then when the Fukushima disaster occurred, we had an encore of the same type of posting. Could we say without doing an injustice to the one who first said it, “Free at last! Free at last”!


  13. Sharon in VA | May 26, 2011 at 8:00 am |

    I have very much appreciated reading your posts and am most happy that you are awakened to what is happening. Even for those of us who have, perhaps, been more aware, the events of the last several years have been sufficient to shock all of us out of any lethargy we may have had.

    It is enlightening and informative to read of your thoughts. Please continue to share!


  14. Sharon in VA | May 26, 2011 at 8:00 am |


    I never forget and never forgive. I keep a little scorebook with me at all times. You now have a couple of tickmarks against your name. When you have accumulated enough, I will find out who you are and where you live, and some dark night when you least expect it, you will find a flaming sack of dog poo on your stoop. Other than that, no, of course, I didn’t take it personally.


  15. Sharon in VA

    Thank you Cabby…..

    To be honest, it was really nice to have a place where I COULD kinda of rant and rave and get things off my chest…..I just honestly hope that Carlyle doesn’t think I was ranting and raving at him….because that was definitely not the frame of mind I was “typing” in….I guess I was venting my frustration at the “Republican Establishment” but CERTAINLY not at Carlyle, personally. I would never do that!! I guess Carlyle just presented the subject and it opened the floodgates…. I SURE hope there are no misunderstandings.


  16. Sharon in VA

    Haha Carlyle….I guess you were typing the same time I was.
    THANK YOU!!!!

    I guess if I rant and rave like that again, I would expect I DESERVE flaming dog poo on my stoop. (wink) (smile).