The Øbot trawling begins – Mitch Daniels edition

To this foreigner Mitch Daniels is just another squish who has some ideas that do not resonate with the conservative base. It is true that he is popular in Indiana, and given any other point in time Mitch Daniels might be considered a good choice for POTUS. However, this is not “any other time”. There is a real need to push Østupid out the door.

HotAir has up a piece about the trawling efforts of the Øbots that write for the illustrious Huffington Post. It seems that in 2003 Mitch Daniels made a statement that looks like he favours the healthcare mandate. If you read the comments carefully, it is very hard to tell whether he favours a mandate like that in Abominablecare or whether he favours something else.

As it happens, I understand the “something else”, because he seems to be talking about the system that exists in Australia when it comes to private health insurance cover, until the Marxist Prime Minister manages to give it the chop. Daniels appears to be talking about a tax credit system. However, in the quote he also mentioned the words “universal cover”. 

 Here in Australia the Marxists who belong to the ALP like to force us into universal health coverage where we have limited access to a private health system. From the beginning of the scheme, in 1973, it has been a temptation for doctors and others to take advantage and to milk the system. Doctors do it by submitting false claims, and patients do it by using accident and emergency instead of going to the GP practices.  The system has always been fraught with the rorts. Today, it is extremely hard to find a GP who will bulk bill. The patient has to come up with more than $60 per doctor visit, which hits some sections of the community very hard. There is no pro bono work, which is what existed prior to this debacle. Our hospitals remain stretched to the limit as well. With the discouraging of private health insurance patients use the public health system, which in turn stretches limited resources and collapses the whole health system.  On the other hand, people who have had accidents that are not covered by other forms of insurance are much better off in a public health system. Ditto for other services, including giving birth. It is far better to attend the public clinic than to have a private doctor when one is pregnant, at least in this country.  When the LP-NP Coalition has been in government the worst of the ALP reforms get reversed and the last time the Coalition reversed the ALP stupidity, they introduced a tax credit for those who took out private health insurance.  On top of that we also continue to pay a Medicare Levy, which is more or less your healthcare mandate.

The Medicare Levy is payable by everyone who has paid employment. I am not sure if pensioners, superannuants and unemployment beneficiaries have to pay the levy. I do know that the last time I had to pay taxes and claim a refund the levy was assessed on my low earnings.  As you can see, there is a whole slew of people on welfare who do not pay the levy and that means that they remain a burden on our tax system. I believe that this is the same kind of problem that you will face if Abominablecare is considered Constitutional.

Anyway, it is interesting that the Øbots think it necessary to expose a statement made in 2003. Perhaps they consider Daniels some kind of a threat to Østupid after all. Their trawling would suggest that they are trying some extremely dirty tricks. I would suggest that Daniels should forget about running or risk having details of his divorced exposed to the nation.


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