My gal Sarah

Just been reading a piece at American Thinker written by Lloyd Marcus. He makes a lot of sense when it comes to why certain candidates are simply giving the wrong answer.

A lot of people are taking notice of the LSM and are unconciously accepting the meme that Sarah is unelectable…. well…. if people do not get out and vote then she is unelectable… but if people are determined to vote for anyone other than Østupid, and if they recognize that the only candidate who has a solid record of standing up to the LSM is Sarah Palin.

As a foreigner I kind of accepted some of the things written by the media about Sarah and her voice, etc. prior to the Presidential election. However, thanks to Kevin Dujan and the boyz at Hillbuzz, I learned to appreciate Sarah and her family. I cannot remember how I found the Hillbuzz site, except I remember it was from a link on another site. The attention was being given to Trig at the time, and the disgusting reaction of the left towards this Downs Syndrome child. Needless to say I found the defense of Sarah and Trig by Kevin and Sebastian in particular very compelling. Then, when I got to the USA Sarah I heard Sarah on the TV. This was about the time that she resigned as Governor because of all the mischief associated with false ethics complaints being raised by members of the DNC.  As a matter of fact I was impressed by the way that this woman could respond to the reporters on the fly. She was brilliant.

I have been following Sarah ever since I first learned more about her. It has been a learning curve because I had my own doubts. However, I have seen her stick up for herself in no uncertain terms, and more importantly she has been sticking it “to the man” over every issue where a dissenting voice needs to be raised.

Using Abominablecare as the measure, who has spoken up the most? Who has come out swinging when others have remained silent? If you take Mitt Romney, he makes noises but he is stuck with his own version of the same thing. That does not work well with a population that does not want Abominablecare. Then there is Mike Huckabee who stated he did not know how it could be reversed – really? I have not seen the latest from Pawlenty on the same subject but you can bet your boots that Jon Huntsman would not want to see it repealed.  Only Sarah stands firm.


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