6.pm. May 21 2011 has come and gone in Australia

Hey folks, the deadline has passed and there has been no earthquakes, no volcanoes, no king tides etc. etc. in Australia. Yet another Camping prediction has been proved to be false.

There are several news items in the press. Some were good, such as the woman who provided Scripture that proves the interpretation to be wrong. Others simply made fun of Camping, and at least one other source pointed out that Camping has caused Christians to be ridiculed because of his wild predictions.

Even so, one of the better write ups about this non-event can be found here and the Age does a very good synopsis of how people were taken in. I do pity the Vietnamese who were led to believe that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ was upon us. Many of them are now in hiding.

The press also highlighted one particular family where the mother gave up work two years ago to promote this propaganda, and even told her daughter that she was not going to heaven. However, the prize statement goes to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — who is Jewish and therefore, according to Camping’s prophecy, unlikely to be beamed up to sit alongside Jesus and God in heaven — said on his weekly radio show that he would suspend alternate side parking if the world ends on Saturday.

The much-reviled parking rule requires New Yorkers to move their cars from one side of the street to the other to allow street cleaning to take place.

Jesus himself told us that we would not know the time or the place when He would come again. This means that anyone who predicts the end of the world, such as Camping, are indeed false prophets.


One response to “6.pm. May 21 2011 has come and gone in Australia

  1. Well, I certainly don’t agree with Camping, but I can tell you this, we know the place that Yahushua (aka Jesus) will return, and that is Jerusalem. Zec 14:4

    And while we can’t know the time or the seasons, we can get very close. That’s why there’s a count in the Scriptures of the weekly Sabbaths, the higher Sabbaths and the Sabbath years and Jubilees. He put the chronology in there for mankind to investigate him and to know a time, not an exact time, mind you, but an approximate time. The plan of salvation is found in his count, his Sabbath days, Sabbath feasts and Sabbath years, Jubilees. It’s just that many of mankind, not all of them, want a tickling of the ears instead of hard and tedious study.

    Just like it’s stated here:

    Pro 25:2 The glory of eloahim is to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter (means debar in Hebrew; logos in Greek=Yahushua the messiah).