Cold case – FOI request

This is one murder mystery that has what can be called a cult following. There have been many who have attempted to solve it, and the named suspects have included Prince Albert Victor, the author Lewis Carroll, the Queen of England’s gynaecologist, and a swag of other possible suspects. I am of course talking about Jack the Ripper and what is known as the Whitechapel murders. Was it really one murderer as claimed? Was there a string of murders? Are there other victims who were ignored? These are questions that have never been answered.

The Age reports that former police officer Trevor Marriott has put in an FOI requesting the secret investigative files that have never been released. The writer of this story has produced one of the best summaries that I have ever seen on the case, explaining all of the permutations that are out there about the case. The favoured solution has always been that one of Queen Victoria’s sons was involved in the murders, or maybe her own gynaecologist was the murderer. However, it is possible, if not probable that there is more than one murderer (a bit like the Craigslist murders, and the bodies found in New York). It is also possible that none of the suspects had anything to do with the murders of these women.

One of the Jack the Ripper authors states that the files that have never been released would shine a light on the activity that was going on in this small portion of London:

The Special Branch documents shine a light on all that was happening at the time. London was a melting pot of threats. There was Russian immigration, threats against MPs and royalty, anti-Jewish sentiment, anarchists and trade unions. It was all happening in a tiny area of east London and right in the middle of this you have the murders.”

As far as the Ripper case is concerned: “The documents probably won’t be the bolt of lightning but it will be the basis of research for years to come and, maybe even more importantly, be able to say categorically who wasn’t involved. It may also put to bed some of the more ridiculous theories that are out there. And that would be helpful.”

Please read the whole article, It is quite good, and it asks a lot of good questions about this yet unsolved murder mystery. There is mention of a German man who might indeed be the murderer. Anything is possible.

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