Oh No!! Not another boring “me, I, me” speech

How on earth can people justify claiming that Østupid is a charismatic speaker? He does a really lousy job. If you want charismatic, try getting a hold of some of Hitler’s speeches, because Hitler was charismatic to those who believed him. However, with Østpid – not so much.

The last speech that he gave has sent out a lot of shock waves because there are signals in that speech that tells the Palestinians to go ahead and commit a new atrocity and act like a victim when the Israelis fight back.

This new speech is going to be given to the House of Lords and the House of Commons in London. Oh how bloody boring it will be…. not another boring “I this, I that, me, me, me,” speech out of the worst POTUS in the US history. Yes, he has finally surpassed Jimmah Carter to attain that particular not so good accolade.

The news report itself is interesting because it contains details as to why there is stalemate in Libya and it has to do with the lack of leadership coming out of the USA. I do not blame the NATO nations for the infighting and squabbles about the targets to be hit. They are correct to point out that US leadership is needed to determine the priority list.

Thankfully, NATO has continued to pinpoint those targets that needed to be destroyed. The latest has been the Libyan Navy. The reason why destroying these targets had become essential is due to the fact that they were going out and mining the Misrata harbour in order to prevent humanitarian aid ships from entering the port (oh yes, also to stop some other rickety boats from sneaking in arms to the fighters who were busy fighting for their lives in Misrata). The destruction means that for now Misrata will be safe and almost feel normal again (at least this will be the case until new action begins again).

The operation itself has been quite successful, because for the most part the arms have been destroyed, the army has been depleted, the air force has been grounded, and now the navy is lying in tatters in the harbour. Yet, the operation will not be totally successful until Daffy Duck either surrenders or he is run out of town.

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  1. The odd thing is that his current speeches suck. And almost all his speeches since 2009. Yet when he was campaigning, he did make numerous Hitleresque speeches. The flaming oratory, the stagecraft, the animation and gestures, the whole thing.

    At that time, I was struck that people were sucked into this with so recent an example of Hitler showing that grandiose speeches can mean nothing, or even hide evil. Sometimes the propaganda element was so thick (especially the ever present halos) that I thought it was the second coming of Leni Riefenstahl.

    But the odd thing is that the quality of his speechcraft has deteriorated so badly and our pundits don’t even seem to notice.


  2. Not that many understand true Wisdom in this modern era, but I’ve told people for decades:

    “If a politician is considered a great orator, it simply means they are a very good used car salesman, and nothing more. It is not a sign of intelligence, not a sign of charismatic leadership or ability, nor does it mean they are well educated. It simply means they know how to play the con game to their maximum advantages and profits.

    Thus never waste your vote on eloquence of speech. Bottom line is, if you are willfully ignorant enough to do so; all you are going to get is the biggest lemon on the lot at the highest possible price to you and your freedoms.”


  3. @CRB, I agree totally with your comment. Being a good orator, or an allegedly good orator is not an indication of anything!!


  4. Carlyle, everyone of his speeches totally suck, at least the ones that I have heard in snippets. I totally cannot stand to hear him speak. He is just woeful.

    You comment makes me wonder whether Bill Ayers wrote those speeches that got people over the moon about an extraordinarily stupid man.


  5. Yes indeed. One wonders.

    The story on Bill Ayers is far from complete,
    and far from over.


  6. Cabby - AZ

    Talking about Bill Ayers’ story being far from over, one of the latest pieces to emerge is the manner in which Ayers and associates created identities decades ago by using dead babies, etc., getting their birth certificates and proceeding from there to falsify records supporting new identities. It is now wondered if that is how Obama’s was created, since his and Ayers’ association can now be possibly traced back long before originally thought. Not that such information even if true will ever actually “go” anywhere at this stage of the game, but it is interesting.


  7. Cabby, this is a view that I have been forming about William Ayers and his link to Østupid. The link goes back to Columbia University days, not even to when he first went to Chicago.

    There are other links between Ayers and Geithner, Østupid’s mother and Peter Geithner. They all tie in together in the very same circles. I am now wondering if Ann Dunham was also a part of Weather Underground or the SDS. I would not be surprised to learn of such a link.


  8. Cabby - AZ

    Aussie, that is an interesting thought. There is Lillibet, who posts over at CW from time to time, and she has quite a tale of something that happened to her when she was young. I can’t remember the details, but it had something to do with a young Timothy Geithner and connections with the Dunhams, Ford Foundation, etc. From her story it would seem that Barry was being groomed for “something” years ago.

    I think that someday IF the whole truth ever comes out, we will find quite a web of interrelationships, intrigue and criminal activity. After all of these months I still have to pinch myself to be sure this is real and not some horrible nightmare.

    How did this inept, deceptive, evil individual ever make it successfully to the White House? Well, I think we all know part of the answer, but it’s the part we don’t know which continues to baffle.


  9. @Cabby, it has me beat as to how anyone could have voted for this person given his background.

    However, the same happened with Adolf Hitler. He was not all that popular but he manouvered himself into high office. There were lots and lots of Germans who never agreed with him.

    Out of interest, today I read some background on the Duke of Edinburgh. He is correctly called Prince Philip because he was in fact the heir to the Greek throne. The family had to flee from Corfu when he was still very young.

    Besides the rare photograph of a 13 year old Elizabeth meeting Phil for the first time, there was a story about him being in a school in Germany. His sister Theodora sent him to the school. Prince Philip was not enarmoured of the Nazis which is clear from the photo. The father-in-law of his sister fled to England and he founded the Gordoustan (sp) school where a lot of royals have been educated.

    Yes, I am definitely thinking that William Ayers has a lot to do with the grooming of this jerk for the top role.


  10. Aussie,
    Your referring to Prince Phillip reminds me of when he married Elizabeth in 1947. I was a teenager who had a real crush on the royal couple and thought that their marriage was just the best thing that ever happened. It is hard to believe that it has been so long ago.

    That information you found about him is very interesting. I had no idea of his background or about his experience in Germany. Thanks for sharing.

    I do believe more and more that it was the low life Ayers and cohorts that had much to do with the hiding of records, etc., and creation of identity for O. We are now finding out that this was one of the specialties conducted by the Weathermen in their subversive activities.