Pakistan Taliban hotting up the action – naval base attacked – US aircraft destroyed

Pakistan Taliban have continued their retribution for the death of OBL. I am concluding that this is evidence that they were well aware that OBL was in Abbottabad, and that they probably had plans for retaliation if anything happened to OBL. I am also going to surmise that Hamza Bin Ladden managed to escape and that he has been involved with the planning of these attacks. Let’s just say that I am using a hunch on the subject.

There are several news reports on the attack, but I am going to use the report from the UK Guardian on the subject:

Pakistani commandos continued to battle with heavily armed militants at a naval airbase in Karachi on Monday after 10 hours of fighting triggered by a Taliban assault to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden.

Blasts rang out after dawn local time as the military stepped up its counterattack on insurgents inside the PNS Mehran base, just off one of the city’s busiest roads.

Up to 20 insurgents assaulted the base from several sides late on Sunday, killing at least 12 people and blowing up aircraft including a US-manufactured surveillance plane.

Television images showed flames and a plume of thick smoke billowing from the base as aircraft took fire, while bursts of gunfire and explosions rang out across the city.

A Pakistani Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility. “It was the revenge of martyrdom of Osama bin Laden. It was the proof that we are still united and powerful,” Ehsanullah Ehsan told Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location.

The daring assault was a fresh embarrassment for the Pakistani military, three weeks after US Navy Seals travelling on five helicopters breached the country’s air defences to carry out the raid that killed Bin Laden.

The reason for making this post on this blog rather than on the alternative blog, is that I want to highlight the fact that the Pakistani Taliban militant activity is on the rise. This is not good news. The Pakistani Government does not seem to have the willpower to do anything about this militancy. If anything they seem to be encouraging this form of militancy.

Another reason to highlight this action is that it once again shines a light on the dismal leadership of Østupid. The Pakistan Taliban are not afraid of Østupid, and it is highly likely that they will attempt again to find the means to attack inside the USA.

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  1. I believe this operation was a another Pakistani farce. It is just another example of how Pakistan is purposely playing the both ends against the middle game. This is one of those “Plausible Deniability” actions.

    To explain, it is improbable that a measly 6 or 8 insurgents could take control of an entire Naval facility/base. Somebody in the government had to have ordered the Naval forces assigned to that base to stand-down, and allow this small assault force to take control of it on purpose. It is obvious to me, the targets of the assault were specifically U.S. assets; two P-3C Orion maritime surveillance aircraft. These were given to Pakistan by the U.S. and destroyed along with a few Pak assets likely under maintenance, thrown in to make the operation look like a feasible Taliban/AQ revenge related raid.

    From the reports I’ve seen and read, it is evident the insurgents were specifically targeting the flight line crews and guards. Which in turn means they had advanced knowledge of the C4ISR assets and crews on the ground at the Naval Base. Likewise, they apparently had several hours to run around the base before taking cover.

    This stinks of a poorly crafted intelligence related psy-op more than a random revenge insurgency. It also may be construed as an intentional fore-shadowing of something else possibly going on as well. Why? cause the P-3C Orions are basically smaller versions of the AWACS. They are used more to track GMT (Ground Moving Targets) and provide Command and Control of other Military assets in an area to engage the foe. With that, it is not hard to anticipate that they were specifically taken out to prevent/delay monitoring of any high value targets fleeing and/or relocating within Pakistani/Afghani border regions.


  2. In layman’s terms: Starting in the dark of night, 10+ hours is a whole lot of time to move people, equipment, and assorted other resources via ground transportation logistics; unseen.


  3. In other News: Taliban leader Mullah Omar killed, Taliban deny

    I have not seen or heard any conformation of this as of yet, but an interesting posibility as there were several drone attacks in NW Pakistan two days ago, May 20 2011.


  4. @CRB, first about Mullah Omar. All of the reports I have seen so far deny that he has been killed. The drone attacks have a rather poor record when it comes to killing the big fish. I am betting that if he was there that he was tipped off before the attack took place.

    You gave some interesting information on the Pakistan Taliban attack at the naval base. It makes sense to me that someone in the government or the ISI could have given the orders to orchestrate the attack. However, the Pakistan Taliban killed more than 80 people at the paramilitary base.
    I thought that the number of attackers was supposed to have been 20.

    However, I am quite suspicious of the fact that the PC3 Orion was attacked, especially when the Orion does the surveillance work.

    On top of that I did not report on the attack that took place (again) on the UN convoy that is crossing the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Again it sounds like someone is tipping off the Pakistan Taliban about the movements of the UN vehicles because they are always ready to attack.

    I totally agree that there is a double game, but I also keep in mind that more than 30,000 Pakistanis have been killed by the Pakistan Taliban, Al Qaeda and offshoots.

    The trial in Chicago could prove interesting if David Headley testifies that the ISI provided money for his involvement in the Mumbai massacre.


  5. Aussi: I thought that the number of attackers was supposed to have been 20.
    Not Quite, the UK Guardian sort of inflated the number.

    Associated Press/AP Online:
    KARACHI, Pakistan – After initially estimating that 15 insurgents were involved in the attack that began late Sunday in the country’s commercial capital, Karachi, officials said just six heavily armed, black-clad assailants penetrated into the heart of the Naval Station Mehran after cutting through wire in a quiet section of its eastern perimeter.

    The militants destroyed two U.S.-supplied surveillance aircraft and killed at least five navy officers, two paramilitary rangers and three firefighters. Six Americans and 11 Chinese aviation engineers escaped unharmed, authorities said.

    Four attackers were killed – one apparently blew himself up – but two managed to escape, said Pakistan Navy chief Nauman Bashir.


  6. @CRB, this sounds like it is very much a developing story. There is something very familiar about these attacks, something that makes me think that there is someone on the inside who is coordinating them.

    The number of attacks in and around Karachi have been increasing over time. This is not just about Al Qaeda but about several militant groups that are working together and also working with elements within both the military and the ISI.

    They knew the location of the aircraft and that indicates that someone gave them the details.

    This attack sounds very much like the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, followed by the attack on the police compound.

    It really looks like things are hotting up over there. I will be continuing to try and follow these stories.