A diversionary topic :) – yarnstorming

I have been reading about a trend in Europe where knitters, and crocheters have been yarnstorming objects. There have been a lot of magazine articles about this rather interesting trend, and no I have not been involved in the movement…. yet….!!

Der Speigel has an article on this trend and I thought it just might be a nice diversionary topic. I am not sure that they should be calling it “grandma graffiti because those involved are in fact all ages.

Graffiti knitters typically install their stitched creations on signposts, statues, bicycles and any other surface that can serve as a creative display space. And just like graffiti of a more permanent kind, their work can be politically-motivated, whimsical, witty or inane. Lennartz-Lembeck was so inspired by the cozy urban art she saw in Berlin that she decided to import the concept from the capital to her hometown of Remscheid and beyond — but her projects incorporate language too.

Over the last several years knitting has evolved from a grandmotherly hobby to a trendy diversion, but American Magda Sayeg is commonly credited with taking the trend to the streets as the creator of the yarnbombing movement in 2005. Within a few years the Houston, Texas resident had a large enough “granny graffiti” following to create her own crew of yarnbombers, who called themselves Knitta Please.

If you read the article you will see a picture of a weeping willow that is now wearing a rainbow jumper :). In the past I have seen pictures of buses that have been decorated, as well as fences and other objects.

I do think it strange that the writer calls knitting a grandmotherly hobby. Many of us began at a very young age. I was 5, not even in school when my older sister taught me the first steps in knitting. It means that I have been knitting for a very long time :). I was 16 when I took up crochet, and since then I have picked up some of the other crafts such as bobbin-lacemaking and tatting.  At least until July I am not a grandmother :).


2 responses to “A diversionary topic :) – yarnstorming

  1. I agree, and it marginalizes crafts,yarnstorming, AND older women. Age has nothing to do with it. Likewise I take issue with statements, like “not your granny’s knitting or embroidery”. for the same reasons.


  2. thank you for dropping in and leaving a comment. I agree. It is really putting people down with the “granny” type remark.

    What these journalists do not recognize is that there are actresses who are also knitters, and on top of that the most talented designers out there are young people.

    Of course this comment is not confined to just knitting but to all of the other needlecrafts.

    We need our needlecrafts as a means of relaxation. Even with arthritic fingers it is still possible to continue doing these crafts and to feel that satisfaction of finishing a project.