Matchmaker, Matchmaker….. GOP woos Jewish donors and vote

Despite what some try to imply (namely the Concern Trolls), there is at least one group that is so very disenchanted with the current POTUS that they might be willing to put their money into the alternative.

According to the Daily Caller, the disenchanted group are not your regular Democrat donor and voter Jews, but are the Independent minded Jews who will swing according to what suits them.

Since I do not know the demographics of this particular group, it might be an interesting twist if the DNC has lost them because of a variety of reasons:

1) the economy – this group tend to be business people. They are no doubt not thrilled about what has been happening to the economy.

2) Israel – this is the group most likely to be upset over the stance taken by Østupid.

Please read the whole thing and tell me what you think about the conclusions that have been made. If Østupid has lost this group, then he is not going to get the large donations like he did for 2008 – however, he will probably try and get those illegal donations via the PACs again.


4 responses to “Matchmaker, Matchmaker….. GOP woos Jewish donors and vote

  1. Thanks Carlyle. That was a good article.


  2. Cabby - AZ

    Here is an interesting article in American Spectator –
    Barry’s Bullying Failed with Bibi
    (by Jed Babbin)

    Our community organizer in chief tried his favorite strategy — bullying — on the Israeli Prime Minister last week, and discovered to his evident surprise that veterans of the special operations community are not among those who can be intimidated.


  3. Cabby - AZ

    Incidentally, has anyone seen this “twosome”? (Bibi and Barry in their 20’s)

    Take your choice.