The Rudy Guiliani edition

OK folks, here is the latest name being pushed on HotAir – Rudy Guiliani. I know very little about Rudy Guiliani except that he was mayor of New York when 9/11 happened. I did hear him speak once, and yes he sounds impressive when he speaks. However, that is not enough in my view for someone to end up as POTUS. The person needs to be someone of a lot more in the way of substance.

Here is your opportunity to chime in and say what you think about any likely chance that Rudy Guiliani would get the backing of independents and others over the current field of candidates.

This means giving me some idea of his achievements, and his record, especially in regard to things like the GVZM (I believe that he is very much against it), or anything else that would shine a light on this potential candidate.


4 responses to “The Rudy Guiliani edition

  1. Hey, he is adamantly against the GZVM. What more do you want. If you had to ride a single issue, this would be it. Unfortunately, somewhere upwards of 90% of regular people and 100% of elite and MSM think it is “just a church”. This is a really tough problem. We all need to give more thought on how to tackle it better.


  2. And, now for something totally OT:

    Ann Coulter, in her fumbling around, her “just too cute for herself” witticisms, and occasional egregious blunder, hits near the mark once in awhile – very near.

    One thing the brilliant and intellectual elite liberals ought to try, the next time they are out to elect a president, is to see who our several best allies and our several worst enemies would choose. Then act accordingly. Heck, they don’t even have to seek them out and ask, just a simple “thought experiment” would clarify things considerably. In 2008 I think the answers from both sides would have been unanimous – we clearly made the wrong choice. And we didn’t have to, we could have and should have been wiser.


  3. I think that Bibi summed it up very well:
    It didn’t take long during Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech to the joint session of Congress for the jokes to start: “How many House votes would you get for an amendment to allow Israelis to run for prez? 300? 350?”


  4. Rudy is tough and a good politician. I personally have a hard time getting past the fact that at one time he was married to his first cousin. But Rudy is reliable for an east coast Republican.