Voter fraud uncovered in Wisconsin

There are no surprises here, but it does point up the fact that the Democrats are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to steal an election. Big Government is reporting that Media Trackers conducted an open records request investigation and found the following anomalies:

Potential Voter Registration Abuses

  • In City of Madison Ward 48, one person corroborated (vouched) for three consecutive voters. When asked to write in the corroborator’s address, this person listed two different address, that in each case matches the residence of the individual trying to vote.
  • In City of Madison Ward 46, two instances were recorded where an individual required corroboration for his proof of residence, and then was permitted to corroborate for someone else using the residence they could not prove.
  • Maura Tracy, formerly employed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in a number of capacities, corroborated for seven individuals who were unable to provide proof of residence in City of Madison Ward 44.
  • One individual used an “acceptance letter to the University of Minnesota” as his proof of residence. This would not fall under any of the acceptable proofs of residence as spelled out by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB).
  • 126 voters in just 15 wards required corroboration because they couldn’t provide of residency, despite the 12 different acceptable proofs of residence accepted by the Wisconsin GAB.

Incomplete Voter Registrations

  • Fourteen voter registrations had the box checked that noted that the individual was “previously registered to vote in Wisconsin, but my name and/or address has changed.” But these fourteen didn’t provide a previous address in which to cancel the voting rights at that address.
  • Nine voter registrations noted that the individual is attempting to register and vote in the wrong ward. It is unclear whether they voted in the proper ward or not.
  • Twelve ballots are missing an official’s signature and name

This finding is somewhat consistent with what took place here in Australia during the last Federal Election. We have an ultra left wing outfit, similar to called GetUp and they pushed for registrations on the day of the election. They did win a court battle that allowed the registrations to take place. The result was attempted fraud by the ALP and the Greens to steal the elections (which were stolen in a backstabbing backroom deal anyway).

Here in Australia, we have what is known as the Australian Electoral Commission, and they conduct all of the elections. The States have their own State Electoral Commission. It is expected that people who are old enough to vote have put in their registration in time before the election. It is also expected that when people move addresses that they also fill in the paperwork and send it to the AEC. However, at the last election, in nearly every electorate there were provisional voters. The provisional voters are those who signed up on election day. They had about 1 week to send clarifying information to the AEC office in order for their votes to be counted. In some electorates the votes were included in the final tally, and in others they were excluded because the evidence was not forthcoming.  These provisional votes were critical in some electorates and could have swayed the result, but with the rules in place that these votes were in fact isolated until verification was supplied, meant that they had less impact.

Now compare that situation to what took place in Wisconsin, where it is quite obvious that the DNC were trying to use this system in oder to influence the final result. The Prosser team should have been aware of this, and those votes should have been isolated and challenged.


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