Yuck, disgusting…..blech

Take a look at the pictures in this news report. It is obvious who is the least well dressed….However, as you glean the pictures, do take note of the one taken at the banquet with Queen Elizabeth of England.

It is disgusting… it is yuk… it is the height of bad taste at such a function….

MooMoo is not wearing a bra and her tits can be seen through her white dress. That is a very big fashion faux pas. Not even Sonia McMahon’s terrific split side dress is as bad as this one.


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  1. @SueQ, here is a little story, yes it is about me, but there is a very important lesson involved.

    Several years ago when I was working for the Australian Public Service in Canberra, we used to have our Melbourne Cup luncheon on the first Tuesday in November and we had a “fashions in the field”. In a burst of mishchief I purchased a little white hat to go with an outfit that I had originally purchased in the USA. It had a white top and grey skirt. I wore a petticoat underneath the outfit. The boss, Sam who judged the “fashions on the field” made me the winner – shock, horror, I was not expecting to win anything. The reason given is that my underwear was not showing. Yes, it is true.

    Now, as a Catholic, I have been a reader or lector, and I am very good (no false modesty here). In fact I have given some training on how to be a reader. One thing that I do not like about women readers, and for that matter any woman who gets up to be an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, is that some of them wear white tops without so much as a camisole underneath. It means that their bras can be seen by all and sundry. All it takes to look good is to wear a camisole, a petticoat or even a singlet so that they are not showing up those bits of body that should remain hidden.

    Yes, I openly admit that I do not like seeing those famous people showing off their “baby bumps”, and in fact I hate the current fashion for maternity clothing that has the baby bump well and truly on show. Actresses like Catherine Zeta Jones (and there was another more recent one) who wear flowing dresses when pregnant look absolutely glowing, but the rest look just horrible.


  2. I found yet another picture of a pregnant Carla Bruni:

    There is no doubt that she is pregnant, and she looks very elegant in that dress.


  3. Aussie,

    …and I hate the phrase ‘baby bump!’ Who the he*l came up with that one?


  4. @Sue, I think it was the LSM that started it, especially when all of those actresses began to fall pregnant and then decided to show everything in the magazines.
    Like you, I do not like the term at all, but is it any worse than saying “swollen tummy”?