A picture is worth a thousand words

The Gateway Pundit has up an article about the boring speech given in the UK Parliament. It seems I was not wrong in voicing my thoughts that it woud be another “me, me” effort. Actually, it seems that it also contained a number of historical inaccuracies as well (nothing new from the dumbest POTUS ever).

However, it is the picture that Jim has used that caused me to smile a little bit. It really is worth a thousand words just to have a look at the boredom on the faces of the audience.

If I can, I will see if I can find some write-ups from the British press (if there is any that is not full of the little boy salivating that has been there over the past week).


I found another article with more pictures. Mind, the author of the article seems to be one who poops in his pants for Østupid, but again, you need to have a look at some of these pictures. The speech was so boring that at least one person was captured on film, having fallen asleep.

If you read the captions to the photos, you will see one that I find to be hilarious, but also shows up the author to be nothing more than a sycophant. The caption states amazement that there were no standing ovations during the speech, as is the custom in the Congress. Hmmm…. now I wonder why there were no standing ovations: could it be that the speech was so bad, so full of historical error, and extremely boring that the members of the Houses of Parliament at Westminster felt that it was not worthy of a standing ovation? Could it be that the English thinks that Østupid is not some great orator, but is rather a crashing bore?


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